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"You are no longer under law but grace; therefore, sin shall not have dominion over you" "The grace of God has appeared teaching men to say no to sin"

About Us

John is originally from the North Shore of Chicago Il. near Winnetka and Kenilworth, he graduated from ASU in 1984 with a degree in finance. It was at ASU where he came to know the LORD and was greatly influenced by the evangelism of Brother Jed Smock, an itinerant evangelist. He began his business career in commercial real estate development and has been in the real estate industry since 1985. He was raised Roman Catholic and is well studied in Catholic, Reformed, Arminian, and Moral Government theology, church history, and of course the bible. A former ordained Baptist Deacon, his views are more in line with those of Charles Finney, the church of the ante-Nicene age, and other Church Fathers such as Pelagius; especially with regards to free will and the justice of God. He is quite knowledgeable and has graduate level education in epistemology, propositional logic, predicate logic, modal logic, and Natural Law. He enjoys fishing, reading, golf, the study of philosophy, travel, and his best friend, his wife Nan. Their theology is Pelagian with a moral government view on many issues. John enjoys reading Charles Finney and has read much of Pelegius' writings and found them to be quite mainstream and "Arminian" and very much inline with the ante-Nicene church. This affiliation with these Church Fathers is very important in that many of them were disciples of the apostles and give much elucidation on the scriptures.

Nan is from Illinois and is a medical doctor.  Nan enjoys travel, she and John hold the same views with regards to theology, morality, and political views. Both believe in the holiness that God demands of His saints; and believe that without this holiness no man will see God.

Both John and Nan have a benevolence for the lost and believe that it is this love for mankind and it is also their responsibility to God that motivates them to preach the gospel on campuses. Both have been involved in many Evangelical Churches and have seen the impact of the tolerance of sin in the church and erroneous teachings such as unconditional love - and what destruction this does to the new converts and the church as a whole. “A righteous man who falters before the wicked is like a murky spring and a polluted well.” Proverbs 25:26.

It is their goal to restore the Great Commission of "Preach Repentance for the Remission of Sins" which has long departed the pulpit of most churches. They have studied the preaching of the Apostles and Christ and model their evangelism on theirs. The book of Acts is the field Manual for the Evangelist - the later epistles are for the converted!


  1. I have learned two simple principles in life: 1. It doesn't take much to put a bug up an atheist's ass. 2. The fun it is to watch this person squirm as he tries to get at the itch because it took him several years to talk himself into believing that there is no god and all it takes is one article or day of preaching on campus to unravel the lies he has told himself. Because he knows that one day he will stand before this God and give an account for his thoughts and actions. Get saved anonymous and save yourself a life of grief and an eternity of torment.

  2. So.. you cant marry just anybody! I hate when good meaning people or preachers act like its SO easy to just find someone you would want to spend your life with,... and the likelihood that the feeling will be mutual. Maybe its easy for some, but more than 60% end in failure. SO when assessing potential candidates through GODLY heart/prayer, etc.. I'm here to tell you.. its proved close to impossible. This includes faith, prayer, fasting, etc etc. THEN when I thought there was a 'miracle' on this front.. the guy got decided I wasnt 'her' 30 days in, admitting he didnt consult the Holy Spirit before he told me I wasnt. So much for the 7 miracles in a row that lead to finding that guy. The "Christian dating sites' are now another tool/addiction for the socially inept to wade through a 'catalog' for something better that might come the next day instead of engaging in real life interaction. If one just marries to marry.. I think that would be the ultimate disrespect of God and one's own body. I don't like it inferred that (as in your closing line..) GET MARRIED" is like its just so easy to do. I suppose the world would consider me extremely good looking.. and its near impossible...I imagine its worse if not good looking as this world has become so superficial. I think more respect needs to be shown for the respectful!! Why God doesnt send everyone their potential mate is proving one of life's mysteries.. I refuse to believe HE doesnt care, but it sure would seem that way if you were to stand in my shoes. (My life/heart).