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What Does the Bible Say About Masturbation

What Does the Bible Say About Masturbation
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What does the bible say about masturbation? On our banner the top sin that we list which is most common to college students is masturbation. We are often met with two comments from the students in defense of this act. They will ask us where the bible says it is a sin and they will often tell us that masturbation is good because it prevents prostate cancer. Students don't like to be told there is a right and wrong, watch the crowd go nuts over my preaching about masturbation.

The Bible Says That Masturbation is a Sin  and is Considered Sodomy

First of all masturbation is sensuality that Paul often speaks of as sin in the bible because sex was intended to be between a married man and woman, not with one's self. Sodomy is defined as 'any sexual act outside of intercourse between a husband and wife'; and the bible clearly teaches in 1 Corinthians 6:9: "Be not deceived for the fornicators, liars, sodomites...will not inherit the kingdom of heaven". Sodomy would include: masturbation, oral sex (even between married couples), and homosexual sex. Go online and see that Mirriam Webster's Dictionary says that sodomy is anal or oral copulation with a member of the same sex or other sex. Webster's Fourth Edition says "Sodomy is carnal copulation with  a member of the same sex, animal, or unnatural copulation with a member of the opposite sex". Having sex with yourself is most definitely unnatural copulation.

Secondly Jesus said “Any man that lusts in his heart over a woman has already committed adultery”. Obviously those who masturbate are committing adultery in their hearts and are committing sinful acts of sensuality and sodomy. God gave us pleasure in sex to encourage the reproduction of our species and to have enjoyable relations between a husband and his wife.

The argument of masturbation being a healthy act to prevent prostate cancer is an example of the ends justifying the means. Masturbation is not necessary for prostate health; men should take care of their bodies by exercise and a healthy diet. The fact is that reducing red meat in one’s diet is the best way to reduce the occurrence of prostate cancer. Men can always get married to engage in sexual relations with their wives as well. The red herring in their argument is that young men in their 20's and 30's are not at risk for prostate cancer; hence, masturbation is not a necessary (even if it were a true) preventative measure against prostate cancer. Masturbating in your 20's will not prevent prostate cancer that only effects men in their 50's and older. Paul said it is better to marry than burn with passion.

The issue of the ends justifying the means is quite tenuous, for we can use this argument for a number of cases in history. We can say for example that it is better or healthier for a society to kill its physically and mentally ill. This is the argument the Nazis used to kill the lame, mentally ill, and Jews. But because a benefit may accrue to a society such as reduced health care costs and stronger citizens; would anyone find this argument as a justification for the atrocities that the Nazis perpetrated? 

This same reasoning of "redefining" what a person is was used by the slave owners in the South as an excuse to treat Blacks as property, by the Nazis to kill the Jews, and by the United States to kill children. This society has redefined an unborn child as a "fetus" in order to make it easier to kill someone and use a loophole in the law. Strange and ironic how the the majority of the Jewish community in the U.S. is very liberal and pro-choice, willing to use the same reasoning of the Nazis to justify killing the unborn. Legalized abortion in the U.S. has killed nearly 53 million children, an entire generation. Maybe this is why there are fewer workers than retirees?

What if a society decided to kill the “c” and “d” students in order to have a better and more competitive race to compete with other nations and to have a strong vibrant economy?

These two examples don’t hold anymore water than the student’s argument that the sinful act of masturbation can be justified because of the health benefits that (may) accrue to an individual. On a similar note, for those of you who believe in evolution and natural selection, doesn't natural selection tell you that homosexuals shall not survive since they have no means of propagation? Isn't your support of the gay lifestyle going against your science?

Unfortunately many churches today teach that masturbation isn't sinful; yet this doesn't surprise me because Evangelicals have a complete misunderstanding of the grace of God and living a victorious Christian life. Many Christians today are more interested in justifying their sins than they are in defending righteousness and God's will. I would ask a student who is curious about this issue to consult his conscience before he were to seek the advice of his pastor. Or if you can't control your sex drive: Get married.
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  1. I have to admit your article is intriguing, however, there are many portions that I disagree with. In the beginning of the article, you mention the disagreeing students as if you loved their reaction to your statement and completely disreguard any of their statments. You also used an overly simplified argument -- the straw man fallacy -- as their defence of the idea. There are many more ideas to the pro masturbation than you listed. Directly after that you tried to compare masturbation to the Holocaust, another fallacy of reasoning. Masturbation, an act that harms nobody, is nothing near taking the loves of millions. This is an example of the false analogy fallacy. You took an assumption -- the idea that the end justifies the means -- and applied it to means that had nothing to do with your original topic, masturbaton. You do the same thing when mentioning abortion and the treatment of the black slaves. Again, these have absolutely nothing to do with masturbation, and you're attacking the american prochoice people as well as the Jews. As far as your homosexual comment, why do you care about the lifestyle of someone. Its neither your concern or your jurisdiction how these people chose to live their lives. No person would ever choose to deal with the stigma that comes with the label of homosexuality. As far as the procreation aspect of homosexuality, why do you care if they can have children or not? There are homosexuals in all walks of life, regardless of race, or even species; there are gay animals as well. And then in your ending paragraph, you attack the other churches in a holier than thou manner to make yourself sound supreme. Your article is full of propaganda and has too many fallicies of reasoning to actually be considered enlightening.

    1. Very well put. One thing I caught was; "you can always get married to have sex." That is not the way it works. Just because you are married does not mean you are going to get much sex. If you get married just so you can get Bible legal sex, forget about getting married. Sex is really just a small part of marriage in a lot of cases.

    2. Anonymous, April 15, 2015
      "Gay" (homosexual) animals? Name a species.

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    5. If a jew didnt say it then it is right that is your fallacy....I follow my heart and conscience@anonymous

    6. If a jew didnt say it then it is right that is your fallacy....I follow my heart and conscience@anonymous

    7. The uninformed or incorrectly informed heart and conscience (con = "with" + science "knowledge") will invariably lead one into wickedness. Eve made the mistake of deciding for herself what is right. She was deceived by her own heart (with the guidance of the serpent) and conscience, which led her into rebellion.
      Adam, on the other hand, KNEW that he sinned. The man sinned WILFULLY. He rebelled and then blamed it on Eve ("the WOMAN...") and God ("...who YOU gave me...") and accepted only the minimal degree of responsibility ("...and i did eat...").
      The comedian popularized "de debbil made me do it" which people treat as humor but actually convince themselves of its truth.
      De debbil doesn't "MAKE" anyone do anything. De debbil is a false teacher who tickles itching ears with what they (WE) want to hear.

    8. "Just because you are married does not mean you are going to get much sex."
      It had better. If one spouse refuses the other, acts disinterested (she is texting while he has one-sided intercourse with her), that spouse sins gravely, as the other spouse is put in the position of seeking release elsewhere.
      So often our sins are not between ourselves and God alone but influence others to sin, which as Jesus told the Israelites in the commandment forbidding coveting the possessions of another, and His disciples in "the man who covets another man's wife has committed adultery with her already in his heart."

    9. Anonymous, April 20, 2015 at 7:53 AM:
      What are "prochoice" people? Are they the ones harassing pregnancy assistance facilities, trying to stop them from helping pregnant women? The ones pressuring legislators to demand that those helpers refer women to the criminal syndicate's facilities?
      Abortion is not "only" a sin against God and man; it is a crime under US law. Every person involved in abortion is involved in criminal homicide: premeditated murder, with malice aforethought.
      Roe v. Wade/Doe v. Bolton (US Supreme Court, 1973) emphasize this.
      Justice Harry Blackmun, asked about this "constitutional right" that the Court found lurking among the "emanations of penumbras" (out there in the ether somewhere) of the US constitution said that the Court had not discovered a "fundamental constitutional right," rather, a LIMITED fundamental constitutional right. LIMITED to the premise, unchallenged even by the "pro-life" amici curiae, that unborn human beings are not "persons" (human beings).

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  3. Thanks for your input; I may have not made it clear in the article but I never compared masturbating to the Holocaust or slavery but said the argument of "the ends justifying the means" was the same reasoning employed by the Nazis as with one who argues for masturbation being healthy for your prostate. I think I am free to use any example I wish to describe their use of an argument where the ends justify the means; without fallacy. I decided to use these graphic examples because we will see them more and more being used as our society goes from one governed by morality to a utilitarian society. We have already redefined an unborn baby and call it a fetus because it is easier to kill. Students are no longer taught about "laws of gravity" or any laws because they imply a law giver such as God. Students are now taught that the laws of nature are "principles" . Soon there will be a redefining of elderly people in order to make it easier to justify declining healthcare to them. So again the arguments the students use to defend masturbation are similar to the ones used by propagandists throughout time. Finally it is wrong if for no other reason because sex was designed for an act between a married male and female, anything else is a sin. Masturbation violates natural law and God's law, it damages marriages of which society ultimately bears the cost. Though I am not a utilitarian - this is just to show you that there are not victim-less sins. Masturbation is also deleterious the one masturbating in that he or she often gets their sexual expectations to a point of "kinkyness" that no natural marriage can fulfill their sexual desires. But Since you seem to be a concerned Christian suffice it to say "Masturbation is sodomy and is a sin; and not sinner shall enter the kingdom of God."

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  5. "The Bible Says That Masturbation is a Sin and is Considered Sodomy

    First of all masturbation is sensuality that Paul often speaks of as sin in the bible because sex was intended to be between a married man and woman, not with one's self. Sodomy is defined as 'any sexual act outside of intercourse between a husband and wife'; and the bible clearly teaches in 1 Corinthians 6:9: "Be not deceived for the fornicators, liars, sodomites...will not inherit the kingdom of heaven". Sodomy would include: masturbation, oral sex (even between married couples), and homosexual sex. Go online and see that Miriam Webster's Dictionary says that sodomy is anal or oral copulation with a member of the same sex or other sex. Webster's Fourth Addition says "Sodomy is carnal copulation with a member of the same sex, animal, or unnatural copulation with a member of the opposite sex'. Having sex with yourself is most definitely unnatural copulation."
    That's "Merriam-Webster," NOT "Miriam Webster."
    That's "Webster's Fourth Edition," NOT "Webster's Fourth Addition."
    No need to treat this as a post. Just correct your text.
    Misspellings and grammatical errors detract (and distract) from your message, WHICH NEEDS TO BE TAUGHT IN THE CHURCHES. Pastors are too fearful of offending their flocks. That is, OFFENDING THE MASTURBATORS, MASTURBATRESSES, FORNICATORS, FORNICATRESSES, SODOMITES, ADULTERERS, ADULTERESSES, secret HOMOSEXUALS (not only CATAMITES (male homosexuals) but "LESBIANS."
    What are these FALSE PASTORS (see Jeremiah) AFRAID OF? So many MASTURBATORS and MASTURBATRESSES were taught NOTHING about this Onanistic sin. The public fools (schools) have been teaching the children to MASTURBATE, FORNICATE with condoms (used to be an OBSCENE word), the girls to go on the ABORTIFACIENT (abortion-inducing) "BIRTH CONTROL" PILL and "practice SAFESEX."
    Some years ago the SODOMITE president Clinton was compelled to sack his pervert Surgeon-General, Joycelyn Elders, because of the public uproar over her urging the public fools to teach the girls to SUCK PENISES and to SWALLOW the semen (Oral "Sex"). Well, parents, the public fools in many places were ALREADY teaching the students to do Oral "Sex," the girls to TAKE PENISES INTO THEIR MOUTHS AND SUCK THE SEMEN INTO THEIR THROATS, and the boys to LICK AND SUCK CLITORISES AND VULVAS ("vaginas"). "Just use a condom, girlies, and use a dental dam, boys and you can get orgasms by "SafeSex."

  6. I thought sodomy meant non-reproductive sex.

    1. Sexual activity that is non-reproductive by its nature:
      · prepubescent children
      · masturbation
      · stimulation of the genitals by other than the genitals of the opposite sex
      · mutual masturbation ("hand-jobs")
      These acts are covered in the Greek by akatharsia ("uncleanness") and aselgeia ("utter shamelessness"), which applies to the degenerate, the perverted, who, filled with pride, flaunt their corruption publicly.
      These admonitions are directed at Christians, not to the unbelievers, for they stand condemned by God already. Surely, it is good for unbelievers to behave morally in the here and now, but without salvation in Christ they remain lost.
      Christians are taught to rebuke one another that the erring brother or sister may be restored and stop bringing shame on the body of Christ ("church" < ekklesia = congregation, assembly): "Why should I become a Christian; many of them are worse than I?"

  7. Jim Bob: Nonreproductive by its nature. Continuing to have sex with a postmenopausal or otherwise sterile wife is not wrong, as she is sterile by "the hand of God." Abraham continued to have sex with his old wife, Sarah, long past her normally childbearing years (she was 90 when she birthed Isaac).

  8. Yes, O Anonymous One, for Abraham did with Sarah as is proper for any man to do with his wife: engage in natural sexual relations with her. For as it turned out she had been sterile her entire life until she miraculously conceived in her very old age. But natural sexual intercourse is not an "inherently nonprocreative act." It just sometimes turns out to be nonprocreative in individual cases.

  9. You wrote:
    "..doesn't natural selection tell you that homosexuals shall not survive since they have no means of propagation? Isn't your support of the gay lifestyle going against your science?"
    Homosexuality, like other sinful "lifestyles" survives by continual recruitment. The tendency to sin, to go by one's own determination of right and wrong rather than by the guidance of God as expressed in His Word, is inherited. Every sinful act is formed in the "heart" (the conscious mind) by each individual.
    Evolution (erroneously labeled "macro" evolution) is not based in science. No one has ever observed evolution in progress. We have no record of anyone observing evolution in progress. Evolutionists trundle out adaptation within kinds ("each after its own kind"), which they label "micro" evolution in a leap of false logic, as proof of ("macro") evolution. It's worse than "apples and oranges"; it's more like "rocks and oranges." "I found a round rock. Oranges are round. Therefore oranges are rocks. And rocks are oranges."

  10. Frequent seminal discharge (ejaculation) is good for the entire reproductive system. Frequent natural sexual intercourse is therefore good for the reproductive system. God prescribes marriage as the proper setting for sexual intercourse. He (God the holy Spirit, speaking through apostle Paul) prescribes frequent sexual intercourse in marriage as the proper conduct for Christians. He condemns "uncleanness," which as Anonymous points out, is the Greek "akatharsia," includes all kinds of immoral sexual conduct. Nowhere are the specific acts names or graphically described. The only instance of a physical act involving sexual activity being described is the sordid account of Onan, who "went in unto" Tamar but then did not complete the use of his reproductive organs within her, rather discharging (Hebrew: destroyed) his semen "on the ground."
    Masturbationists object that this was not masturbation but coitus interruptus, or withdrawal; masturbation is not mentioned. They are correct in that the Latin-derived word "masturbation" is not used. The Bible is written in Hebrew, Aramaic (a language closely related to Hebrew) and Greek, not Latin. The Latin word is "manusturbation" (Oxford English Dictionary), "manus" = "hand" as in manu-facture, make by hand + sturb, as in "dis-sturb."
    The Hebrew and Greek writers were loath to name sexual acts, rather using broad general terms and euphemisms (as "lay with," "saw the nakedness," "went in unto," "knew"). The Greeks, despite the acts being very commonly performed, would not give them names in writing. The Greek "akatharsia," rendered in the English versions "uncleanness," and "aselgeia," translated "wantonness," "filthy," "lasciviousness," utter shamelessness. The reader is expected to know what is included in the terms without being enumerated.
    People generally are ashamed of the procurement of seminal discharge other than in natural sexual coupling. We are private about urination and especially defecation, but not ashamed of others knowing that each of us does them. We know how babies are generated but until the last few decades did not discuss this matter in casual conversation. We are not ashamed of having sexual relations with our spouses. It is private but not shameful.
    Nonprocreative sexual acts, however, are not the subject of casual conversation. They are "locker room talk," "gutter talk." Unbelievers know that Christans do not speak of such things in conversation. They know that such things are not proper.
    Unfortunately this has been carried to fastidiousness and has crippled pastors in guiding their flocks away from licentiousness. Rather than risk offending anyone they avoid the subject, using at most the broad general term of "fornication." If people don't know what is included under the title of "fornication," and are taught "safesex" (abuse-misuse of the generative faculty) in school, the young are not diverted from corruption.

  11. Much of what God says is by implication, just as John the Baptist said "...Is He the Christ?" and Jesus didn't say "Yes" but rather "Tell John the blind see, the deaf hear...". Same with the concept of the Trinity and scores of other truths; not to mention the self evident truths. Yes the world "Masturbate" is not in the bible but (A rose is a rose by any other name) and the implication of sexual uncleanliness and selfishness is what the act entails. Further more, what men among us would masturbate without committing fornication and lust in their hearts? I guess some will, albeit those who masturbate to something other than a sensuous person of the opposite sex are Sick Mothers!

  12. (JimBob)
    The young do not suffer from prostate cancer. It is a disease of old men.
    Young men do not need to masturbate as if they are not having regular sexual intercourse their semen producing glands and tubes will periodically discharge the unused semen as a spontaneous emission ("nocturnal emission"; "wet dream") which may occur at any time.
    This spontaneous discharge may be triggered by any number of influences: sight of an attractive girl or woman, thoughts of a girlfriend, and as suspected, perhaps the pheromones emitted by a woman nearing ovulation. Sometimes there is no apparent trigger - the seminal vesicles and prostate just begin contracting for no discernible reason.
    At any rate the genitals will take care of themselves.
    If the habit of masturbation is developed, the genitals become conditioned to "expect" to be manually stimulated and will not discharge automatically. The masturbator who then attempts to stop may suffer extreme discomfort and even outright pain. It's much better even from temporal considerations not to get this pernicious habit get started.
    Masturbation does not seem to be as common among girls and women. The ones who do masturbate are so secretive about their habit that they may have been misusing their genitals for a considerable time before they are first detected. A girl who has been masturbating for several years before marrying may have desensitized her tender parts so that they do not respond well to natural sexual intercourse, as if they had developed thick calluses.
    The clitoris that has not been abused by masturbation is very sensitive, responding to the sliding of its "hood" (prepuce) over its head (glans), occasioned by the labia minora being tugged on by the thrusting of the husband's penis.
    Even worse is the demand of the wife for her husband to sodomize her tender parts with his fingers, lips and tongue. His penis cannot compete in stimulating his wife's genitals with his mouth, so the wife persists in insisting on his performing the sodomitical practice of cunnilingus (<the depraved Romans' Latin = vulva + tongue).
    Paul, apostle of Jesus Christ, was moved by the Holy Spirit to warn the unmarried against "fornication" (the perverse practices of prostitutes) which in Greek is "porneia" (the perverse practices of Greek prostitutes). The specific immoral sexual act most commonly miring unmarried persons, male and female, is not sexual intercourse but masturbating. Except for the few young unmarried people who were able to "contain their vessel" he (the Spirit speaking through Paul) strongly counseled marriage, and the earlier the better (preferably at puberty, when the genitals become mature and the girls' breasts begin swelling), before being drawn astray by their "raging hormones" and their already-corrupted peers.

  13. Very interesting, I also think men emit a hormone when they find a woman attractive because every woman that I look at for her beauty seems to know I find her pleasing to the eye. But back to jacking off; when I am on campus the college students have gotten so depraved that they boast in front of large crowds about jerking off. When I was in college you would never disclose such shameful acts. God save us when this generation takes control of the government. I also had a philosophy teacher tell us that the word fornicate was derived from the "red light district" called the fornicate, and implied prostitution. None the less, masturbation is still sinful sensuality and verbuten!

  14. That it's possible to procure seminal discharge without mental influence on the genital organs is exemplified by the story of Lot and his daughters.
    They plied him with strong drink (undiluted wine) until he passed out (became unconscious). One daughter stimulated him to erection, copulated with him until he ejaculated in her. Evidently they washed away any evidence from his genitals, for he knew not when she "lay with" him nor when she arose.
    Alcoholic unconsciousness is not sleep, especially not dream-sleep. He appears not to have dreamed of sexual activity.
    The following night the other daughter repeated her sister's act. Both were impregnated, indicating that they used some form of "NFP" to time copulation to their fertile days, which are the five days before ovulation.
    Sperm count has been dropping in the last century. Sperm viability has also been decreasing. From what is known from long ago, human fertility was significantly higher.

  15. I'm not sure why you came out of left field with the story about Lot because that has nothing to do with the garden variety masturbator of today. I believe that most masturbators (99.9%) commit fornication in their hearts as they masturbate with their imaginary lovers or even someone they know. As a young man I would have nocturnal emissions and never where they about sex; especially when I was a young lad. The point of this article was to state that masturbation is a sin as well as all the wicked thoughts that accompany the act.

  16. Something I missed in "Preach Arizona's" essay:
    "Sodomy is defined as 'any sexual act outside of intercourse between a husband and wife'"
    The qualifier "between a husband and (his) wife" is not valid.
    The statement "Sodomy is defined as 'any sexual act outside of intercourse'" between a man (male) and a woman (female) is valid, assuming that by "intercourse" is "natural sexual intercourse," not using a condom for masturbating into, never mind that the woman is simultaneously masturbated with a rubber dildo.
    Sexual intercourse, the natural kind, is supposed to be enjoyable. But obtaining enjoyment is not its purpose. The purpose of the genitals of a man and a woman is to be used for honoring the first commandment given to mankind.

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