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Casey Anthony - The Right verdict

Why are the people in an uproar? It is legal to kill a child up to 9 months of age provided that it doesn't pass through the mother's birth canal - Now a little girl 36 months is ostensibly murdered and this same pro-choice group is in an uproar. Can someone please explain the logic of this? As a Christian I think both scenarios, abortion and the murder of a little girl are awful and are morally equivalent.

The decision was the right decision that the jury handed down, they were instructed to vote as to whether or not the prosecution presented evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that the mother killed the daughter. They failed to do so hence the jury had to acquit Casey. Remember Casey is innocent until proven guilty, this is the fairest system in the world.

But wait, many of my liberal friends are up in arms over this decision. These are the same people who claim to stand up for the "little guy" like Casey Anthony, why don't the liberals stand up for the children 1 month to 9 months old if they are really concerned about the little people? They're not,the are mean, angry hypocritical bigots! One of my friends told me that we should do away with juries, he said Casey should have her tubes tied. This friend who is Jewish sounded like a complete Nazi - the Nazis eliminated juries and had their judges change laws, hand down verdicts at the behest of the government. The Nazi's wanted to sterilize the Jews, just like the communist Chinese will allow you to abort a baby girl if you want a boy and are limited to their 1 or 2 child per family laws. Do you young people know that in communist China they force women to have abortions if they get pregnant beyond the legal family limit? Get ready because it is on its way to the US. I have found the news nothing short of despicable with regards to their coverage even to the point of Geraldo Rivera calling Casey Anthony a "Murderous Slut".

Wake up people, consider the constitution, consider the problems with circumstantial evidence, consider your limited knowledge of the case. If you think Casey was guilty - you are operating on emotion driven by ignorance of the facts of the case and the job of the jury and prosecutor. You are not fit to judge a four-legged crawl at a company picnic.

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