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Can God Make A Rock Too Big To Pick Up - No Answer

Can God make a rock too big for Him to lift is really a necessarily false proposition which is self-contradictory. This question can be restated as the proposition "God is omnipotent & it is not the case that God is omnipotent" which is a logically absurd statement. God cannot be both omnipotent and not omnipotent in the absolute sense at the same time. There is no answer to this conundrum because in order for the conjunction to be true, both conjuncts must be true, and there is no possible world in which both conjuncts can be true.

I don’t claim to defend just any concept of God or General Theism, especially those concepts that entail logical absurdities. I believe in and defend the God of the Old and New Testaments. This God is not omnipotent in the absolute sense, for there are things that even He cannot do. I don’t believe that God can make square circles because this would violate logical reasoning; and this reasoning is a reflection and extension of His mind. The bible also says that God cannot deny Himself and the book of Hebrews 6:18 tells us "it is impossible for God to lie". And untruths are lies, inconsistencies may be lies...

There is, in a sense a rock that God created that He can’t lift, and that rock is you. God created you with free will for the purpose of loving Him. God cannot force Himself on you nor force you to love Him. The concept of love logically implies a free act of volition, and even God cannot force a free act of volition from you. This would violate logic and your free will.

In this sense God has created a rock too big to lift - man with his free will. In doing so He voluntarily limited His sovereignty and power with respect to your ability to love Him. This does not in any sense take away from His “godhood” for He is still the eternal creator of all things, and the most powerful being that has always existed. God is All Powerful in the sense that there is nothing more powerful than He; and there is nothing contradictory in God or about God's character.

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