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Have you noticed that the media has changed the term from global warming to climate change? Have you noticed that they have done this only after record cold winters. I would strongly recommend looking at all of the sides of this issue, here is a good website to start Click here for a good source on Global Cooling

I remember in the 70's one of the cover stories of Time Magazine was "Are we entering a second ice age"; scientists were concerned with the increasingly cold weather patterns; so, not being satisfied with teaching college - they had to proffer some theories on the global climate. The problem with these "meta-sciences" is the information that we have is extremely wanting. When you consider the accuracy of the instruments and the evidence that has been gathered. If the world is 6,000 years old or 200,000,000 years old, the data collected and analyzed is scant.

Again, follow the money, what movement is financing all of these meta-sciences, whose been made a multi-millionaire (Al Gore) from the panic and hysteria; what capitalists are in the wings waiting to profit from the green movement. The wind power, solar power, electric car venture capitalists are lined up at the White House. The green movement has been enraptured by the Marxists in our country because of the control that it gives the government. They will control your thermostat, the vehicles that can be bought and sold, the paper supply, the human population - it’s a communist's dream come true. You "free thinkers" have allowed yourselves to be led of to slaughter like sheep; you will lose more freedom and rights over climate change and environmentalism; by the time your generation wakes up to the will be too late.

Consider the Cap and Trade legislation that the Obama administration is trying to push through. This will in essence limit the production of many goods in the US because of the ostensible carbon pollution. By the way studies have shown that if Cap and Trade is made law, it will destroy the economy and have less than a 1 degree impact on the earth’s temperature over the next 20 years.

Do you understand that if there is a demand for a certain product and the manufacturers in the US cannot produce it due to the high cost of environmental taxes; the Chinese or Indians will supply the demand without any regard for the environment and the end result will be more world pollution.

Finally, back to the beginning; scientists don't know that the world is heating up, with the scant data that they have, and their inductive reasoning, the best they can do is guess; and these guesses are biased depending on who is funding their research. The world is cyclical and heats up and cools off; this we know because we already saw the fear of an ice-age in the 70's and then the fear of warming in the 90's, and now a cooling again - proven by the slight of hand in changing the name of the so-called crisis from global warming to climate change.

Don't believe all of the liberal talking points that are peddled in your class rooms, challenge your professors, research all angles of the issues. You will have to go outside the bounds of the university because they will not allow you to learn all of the issues - only those that they are being spoon-fed. Don't believe me? How many of your professors are pro-life or believe in a seven day creation?
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