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"You are no longer under law but grace; therefore, sin shall not have dominion over you" "The grace of God has appeared teaching men to say no to sin"

This is our Biblical Mission Statement

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Our mission is to bring the gospel of Christ to the next generation leaders of our country. The United States was founded upon Christian principles which are in large what has made her so prosperous; the psalmist wrote “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”. But the US is declining into a Post-Modern era which is being defined by secular humanism and naturalism. The moral code of this movement is leading more and more to an erosion of personal rights accompanied by a devaluation of human life. This philosophy is taking us into a generation of euthanasia, forced abortion, and all other moral turpitudes that have accompanied every other declining civilization throughout history.

Do you know that Margaret Saanger the founder of Planned Parenthood considered Blacks and mentally ill people as sub-human and believed they should be killed albeit in a humane manner. Planned Parenthood began as the Negro Project as an effort to eradicate the Black population in the 30's and still has as its goals of planning the perfect race; free of severe mental and physical defect - doesn't this sound like Nazi Germany? Yet the power this organization wields with the liberal movement and administration in Washington is unbelievable.

Young people, you are digging your own graves for supporting the "change" that Obama promised. He is ushering in a totalitarian government that will strip you of your God given rights, you will be lucky if once you become a wage-earner; you will pay less than 90% in taxes. In large the Green Movement is the new Red Movement (communism), your thermostats will be controlled from a "smart grid", you will have to buy electric cars, you will have to pay 25% more for your housing, inflation will be out of control, if you fail to purchase insurance you will face prison and thousands of dollars in fines. Toilet paper is already considered immoral by the environmentalists and if you don't face severe rationing, you will be forced to wipe your rear-ends with a government issued beday.

Wake up young people and look at what has become of your country; once the most prosperous nation in history is now $135 trillion in debt while earning $2 trillion in tax revenue and borrowing $1 trillion to cover the deficit spending. real-time total national debt clock We are now a morally, spiritually, and financially bankrupt nation that began when God was kicked out of the public square. The youth of today cannot conceive of the America that we grew up in. A nation that knew nothing of personal debt or inflation; neighborhoods where people never locked their doors, keys were left in the ignition of their cars; even the criminal element had a code of conduct. Rape, drug abuse, mass murders, and gang violence were never heard of because all men knew that one day they would stand before the judge of the universe.

Our goal is to engage and challenge the students with regards to morality and its justification, politics concerning free enterprise and capitalism. Economics concerning supply-side versus government run command economies, creation versus evolution, natural law and the function of the human body with regards to sexual orientation.

The bible tells us that the gospel is foolishness to the world; but preaching on campus also serves another purpose. Lukewarm Christians will be forced to support us "fools for Christ" or side with the world; often we are rebuked by these lukewarm Christians for preaching the message of truth that doesn't jibe with the world and these Christians get angry because they were happy with one foot in the world and one foot in church. (The religious leaders rebuked Jesus because they thought He was shaming their religion by hanging on a cross naked, and most of His followers abandoned Him when they were pressured by the world.) We are spoiling their fun because the Spirit convicts them of their worldliness and they often take sides with the world and turn out to be our harshest critics. Frankly I have more respect for the unbelievers than I do for the Christian hecklers. The unbelievers can often debate on a very sophisticated level while the Christians know a few scriptures on love and grace and throw up arguments to us that aren't even worthy of a response. We hope these Christians will allow the Spirit to do His work of conviction in their lives and get right with God. The Lord says He finds nothing more detestable than a lukewarm Christian.

We challenge the Christian students with sound biblical teachings that are not being taught in modern Evangelicalism. The modern church has abandoned doctrine, holiness, the Lordship of Christ in return for church growth and self-help teachings fueled by greed and acceptance from the masses. Churches call God their CEO, they call sin mistakes, they are spreading bad seed on fallow ground; never telling the unconverted that they must first take note of their dead spiritual condition before they can find life in Christ. Jesus said “A man must first lose his life before he can find life”. We are God’s plowmen; we are breaking up the hard hearts that have grown callous due to sin, worldly values, godlessness, and the lack of teaching sound Christian principles of repentance from dead works and faith in God.

The Modern Church teaches that it is arrogant to claim to live without sin, yet Jesus came to set us free from a sinful lifestyle. Jesus said "Whoever the Son sets free is free indeed" and Paul wrote in Romans "You are no longer under law but grace, therefore, sin shall not have dominion over you". How much more backwards can your theology be than to equate obedience to God's righteous standards to arrogance? The church has the attitude towards grace that is at best antinomianism, at worst - apostate. We wish to convey the gospel as put forth in the bible apart from modern Evangelical interpretation.

We hope we can instill commonsense principles in the students because they are certainly not hearing theses teachings by the liberal academia. Once upon a time universities were built to train the clergymen of this great nation, national and state creeds were based on the bible, laws were biblically based. We hope we can see a return to these core values that made this country the land of the brave and the home of the free. Christianity is the movement and philosophy responsible for elevating the status of Blacks and women in societies; Christians throughout history have been the people who have stood up for the rights of individual freedoms; in return God has blessed this enterprise. Don't squander the blessings of your forefathers.
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