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"You are no longer under law but grace; therefore, sin shall not have dominion over you" "The grace of God has appeared teaching men to say no to sin"

The Problem of Evil Argument

The mushroom cloud over Hiroshima after the dr...Image via Wikipedia The fallacy that is often overlooked with this argument is that the "posing of the very question" presupposes that there is an absolute right and wrong-and this demands an objective judge or law giver whom we call God. The atheist by asking this question has just stepped in her own dung. If there is no absolute right and wrong, there could be no evil, because what is evil to one group may not be evil to another; yet this "problem if evil" has always been presented as though it has universal import. To the atheist there is no problem of evil because nothing is evil.

If there are no moral absolutes, everything is by convention. What gives one culture the right to tell another culture that their practices are evil? What right did we have to tell Nazi Germany that their genocide of the Jews was a moral turpitude? 
If morality is relative to individuals or even societies or leagues of nations; what principles ground their declarations between good and evil? Nothing, their opinions are subjective and open to challenge and one man's opinion is no more grounded than another’s. To simply declare a Utilitarian view of morality does not ground or justify ones position. In other words, just because we as a society agree to what is good and evil doesn't justify the claims...To the Christian, the problem of evil is quite simple: We have a standard of good and evil and an ultimate Law Giver who has told us in no uncertain terms what is good and what is evil. 

We live in a fallen world, and evil is one of the consequences that we must suffer for trying to be our own gods. We have free will, there is a devil out there with a free will as well; and as long as men are self-centered and refuse to live by the teachings of Christ - we will have evil in the world.

As we can see above, often we go to philosophy in order to find answers to many of life's issues - but often end up with more questions and problems. Have faith in won't be disappointed. Secondly why drop this at God's door step why not ask why men are evil? That will give you your answer to the problem of evil. If God were to intervene in every aspect of our lives we would cease to be reasoning beings. Even animals have free will, so we really don't know what is at cost when we see God purposely staying out of human affairs whether they be good or evil.

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