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Science vs God

Science vs God

This post Science vs God is a compilation of scientific errors that the evolutionist must answer before she can even have faith in her theory.

Consider the sun, 93 million miles from the earth, yet it burns on average 7 feet of its radius every hour. If we assume this to be constant, with the evolutionary model of a 4 billion year old earth do you realize that the sun would have been 9.6 billion miles larger in diameter. Do you understand what that would do to the gravitational pull of the sun, the heat it would have generated would have fried the earth and not to mention the disturbances in the orbits of the planets? How can the "old earth" theory of evolution deal with this enigma? How about the universe being an Actual Infinite Series?

How about the Cavemen? Scientists neatly date these ancient civilizations based on the complexity of their tools, writing and communication. But wait! Consider the Native Americans, they had no metals, no written language, nor wheel; yet mid-eastern civilizations had entered the bronze age thousands of years earlier. If archaeologists were to come upon their digs they would classify them at ages before Christ.

How about the Geological Column? Do you know that there is nowhere on earth where this column exists? This is simply an invention of man. Fossils are dated by the rocks, and the rocks are dated by the fossils; yet this is the reasoning of today's science. Scientist try to bury this circular reasoning in a fog of verbiage but when you get down to the procedure for fossil and rock strata dating; it is this circular reasoning.

Carbon Dating or any other form of radio-metric dating is circular because there is no brute fact by which we an compare our dating with. Even the carbon dating tells us that anything older than 40,000 years should not have any carbon traces, yet we have found no fossils without any carbon traces so this would tell us that there are no fossils older than 40,000 years old.

Consider the bird and how her and her mate share in building a nest! Did mama bird ever teach these birds how to make nests and incubate the eggs or did this somehow come about by natural selection? By the way, most people, if they are honest with themselves look at natural selection as though it is a mystical force. In reality natural selection simply states the fit will survive. It is a tautology in that it tells us nothing we already know...yet atheists run to this concept as though it is the silver bullet that solves all the enigmas of science.

If you would like to add to the list of the enigmas, please do!

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