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Congressman Wiener NY | He is Morally Innocent

What is wrong with Wienergate? Why is everyone in such an uproar over this when we live in a country that kills the unborn and is in favor of men sodomizing one another? Is there anything more perverted than a man sticking his penis in another man's rectum? How about gay marriage; I can't think of anything more despicable than same sex marriage. The only thing more reprehensible is a judge who allows gays to adopt and utterly destroy the lives of these innocent children by raising them in a culture of ignominious shameful behavior. Again why is the populous in an uproar over what Anthony Wiener did? Since society lives my moral relativism, nothing is wrong. Nothing is good or evil because every man does what is right in his own eyes. If truth is culturally relative, then what Hitler did was not wrong. If truth is by the majority, than the slaughter of millions by Stalin, Mao, and Castro in Cuba is not wrong. It is not wrong because who is to say that your view of right and wrong is any more justifiable than their views?

When we live by relative morality which is "truth by convention", then there is no absolute right and wrong. Again since the United States no longer bases her morality and laws on the bible as the absolute rule of truth, then who are we to impose our private interpretation of truth and morality on other countries such as Libya Afghanistan and Iraq? At least at Nuremberg the judges appealed to the self-evident truths known to all men viz. that murder is wrong. This argument, tenuous as it is, was a bit more cogent than a mob mentality of right vs wrong.

So again, Anthony Wiener Congressman NY cannot be held accountable to any relative moral code in light of the relative moral values of the US at large. If men can marry men, who says sex with a minor is wrong and how can you justify that it is wrong except by majority rules? The problem with this view is when the majority determines what the law (truth) is; cannot hold any water since truth demands that it is independent of any social conventions or else we are back to offering justification for Hitler, Guevara, Castro, Mao, and others like them. We know there is a real material universe out there - which implies that objective truth exists. Relative truth runs contrary to natural law and is primarily why we see the moral decay of our country today. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to read the statistics and compare the crime rates, drug abuse, divorce rates... of today from those of the 1950's.

When you utterly strip the rule of law from a land you end up with soft-anarchy, and soft-dictatorships which is what the United States has become. Laws are no longer based on what we "believe to be absolute truth but rather on what the majority wants or judges appointed by those in power. This is absolutely no different than Hitler stacking the bench in pre-war Germany, and that little twit in South America Hugo Chavez.

Wake up America and look in the mirror and see what you have become. Yes Anthony Wiener Congressman  NY cannot be forced to step down if our logic is to remain consistent.

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