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Government Healthcare Will Not Work

Government healthcare will not work for the following reasons:

In theory the thought of everyone having healthcare sounds great but let’s look at the implications and hot-button issues that cast some doubt on ObamaCare:

Preexisting Conditions: If you were an insurance agent, and someone called you and said “my house is on fire” would you insure their house? This is why insurance companies have to regulate their policy holders so that they can be sure that if a preexisting condition becomes an issue; the policy holder will have already paid some premiums to help offset the costs. Maybe someone with a preexisting condition should have to wait 6 months before they are eligible for treatment of the condition? The problem is not greedy insurance companies but rather solvency. An insurance company is in business to make a profit on the risk it takes. How can any institution whether it is an insurance company or the federal government (which is financed by you and me) survive if the only time people sign up for the program is when they are sick?

All Will Pay In: The Democrats claim that ObamaCare will force 100% of the public to pay its fair share and thus eliminate hospitals from treating the uninsured. Do you think that if hospitals have to treat anyone who walks through the door right now; that this will change if someone is not paying their government premiums under ObamaCare? No, what will happen is the employed will see a massive increase in their payroll with-holdings to cover the cost of the unemployed as well as the inefficient government that will administer the healthcare program. There will be as many if not more scams to get around paying into the government healthcare system, illegals being paid cash, black market jobs will arise, and the billions of dollars in current medicare fraud will only increase. Why not simply assign a task force to diminish the current corruption that exists already? The government will have to increase its rates (if they are the single payee) or insurance companies will raise the rates because those who are without work or just barely getting by will find a way to not pay their insurance - and we are back to square one.

Solvency of Healthcare: At least right now we have healthcare. Do you know that the government can’t even manage social security and medicare? What do you think they will do with healthcare?

Women's Rights: We hear talk of Romney trying to take away woman's rights. Have you considered all the rights that will be stripped from you when government healthcare takes over? Mammograms, colonoscopies, government rules dictating who gets what operations - Obamacare is the real culprit of denying women's rights. Free contraception  It will be free once this slippery slope takes us to force abortion. If any woman reading this article is concerned about free contraception; email me and I will send you a box of rubbers to keep in your purse!

Quality of Care: I know several Canadians who have waited months for treatment; one friend waited a year before he could get an MRI and finally had to fly into Washington State to get it. My family practice doctor is from Canada and told me that if we were in Canada, he would be out of a job and I would be seeing a nurse practitioner. The government is already changing the age for when someone can receive their first mammogram  what next? I know someone who, on her first mammogram at the age of 40 discovered cancer, what if she had to wait until she was 50? How many other procedures will be denied such as colonoscopies, cancer treatment…you will most likely die of waiting for your healthcare and your doctor visits will turn into a full day of waiting at the government clinic to see a nurse. Medical doctors will be a thing of the past due to the government usurping their authority to practice medicine. We had a friend who is an MD and he broke his arm in the UK; he went to the hospital which had 1950’s technology and waited to get home to have his arm treated. Read about the real plans for Obama's healthcare rationing

There aren't any free lunches: Someone has to pay for healthcare, and when government shifts the burden on the public, we all lose because it brings along with it the inefficiencies of the government red-tape, waste, abuse, criminal stealing and cheating to beat the system. Don't by the lie, there will be panels that determine who will get what treatments. Now it is done by panels within the insurance companies and they have to be humane because they are subject to market forces and therefore have to insure my 83 year old mother for her knee replacement. Be not deceived, once competition is removed, the government panels can make what ever rules they want, they will most likely deny the elderly knee and hip replacements, or any life-sustaining procedures and divert the money to younger tax payers. Folks just like in the Soviet Union, the money went to those with strong backs and the elderly were hauled off in trucks. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

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