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Will the United States Go Bankrupt

Will the United States Go Bankrupt - Absolutely

Let's not be sheeple like the bums in congress (both elephants and jack asses). The question should be "when will the United States go bankrupt? the US is already insolvent as of the writing of this article in December 2011. The total asset value of the United States is $66 trillion. We owe $15 trillion in treasury bonds, and about $115 trillion in unfunded Medicare and Social Security which are very real "accounts payable". We are beyond bankrupt and at the mercy of the Chinese! We currently take in $2.1 trillion in taxes and tariffs and spend $3.8 trillion to keep Washington DC afloat, hence a deficit of $1.7 trillion. Even if we were to amortize the entire debt of $130 trillion at 1% (which is a very low and forgiving interest rate) we would have to pay down the debt for 50 years with payments of $3.3 trillion per year. We saw this coming when the Democrats started with their welfare programs in the 70's; they controlled Congress for 40 years and the Republicans saw that it was hopeless to curtail the spending so they too took a bit of the pie in earmarks. Both Republican and Democrat spendthrifts (politicians) have been gang banging the country with their out of control spending; this article is a condemnation that "reaches across the isle"; both parties are equally responsible for the fall of what was once the greatest nation on the earth.

Back to the short history of spending: Then they all raided the social security lock-box and to everyone's away with taking the cash and leaving junk bonds (US Treasury bills). But putting aside all this; it has been inevitable that sooner or later the US would have to compete with the world economy. My mail-man earns $75,000 a year, and you still wonder why government doesn't work? The unions have increased labor costs to the point where we couldn't compete with the emerging world markets which Bill Clinton sold our prized technology for a song. There's no need for foreign spies anymore, we just give the technology to the very countries that will crush us. Besides this, how do you compete with Chinese slave-labor and India's $50 a week software developers? So the US companies being taxed to death and constricted with enormous labor costs did the natural thing and moved as much of their facilities to foreign countries.

Food for thought.....

This puts it into a much better perspective and is the
Same for many countries in Europe ...
Why the U.S. was downgraded:
* U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
* Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000
* New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
* National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
* Recent budget cuts: $ 38,500,000,000
Let's now remove 8 zeros and pretend it's a household budget:
* Annual family income: $21,700
* Money the family spent: $38,200
* New debt on the credit card: $16,500
* Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
* Total budget cuts: $385

Will the United States Go Bankrupt, are you kidding

We can't even balance a budget let alone run a surplus of $3.3 trillion per year. I don't believe it is possible to run us surplus for 50 years, especially to the tune of $3.3 trillion; and tie the hands of Congress for 50 years to the austere budget reductions or expect the economy to recover with the effects of the unemployed and those who are not receiving Social Security or Medicare. Again the impact of making the necessary budget cuts CAN NOT solve the problem nor will RAISING TAXES. So what is the world doing? Well Russia and China are slowly weaning themselves off of dependence on the US economy. China is making deals with South America for oil and is hoarding gold and silver. Russia is building a pipeline through Europe and aligning herself with nations like Iran. Once they feel that their economies can stand alone, they will cut off the US with anymore loans. China has been building a massive navy and will not accept our currency for repayment of their debt. They will come and lob a few missiles into Los Angeles, and demand access to our natural resources. Rumor has it that Cuba is beginning to assemble AK 47's and equipping the drug cartels and al Qaeda in South America. The armies of the world which include Islam, China and Russia will over-take the United States and then fight it out among themselves after they have destroyed the Capitalists of America. America will have become so weakened by this time, that it will be like shooting fish in a barrel.

This hopeless crisis is the "Elephant in the room" that nobody wants to talk about. Even the commentators that I am fond of like Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and other FoxNews correspondents soft-peddle this with comments like "Gee we are stealing our grand children's future with all of this spending". Heck that is like calling a .50 caliber bullet wound a little scrape. There has not been one Senator or Congressman who has told the public how bad it is; I suppose since it is hopeless, there is no sense in causing panic.

Even Romney and Cain who outlined their plans never addressed this issue but rather glossed over it. Why? Because there is no way out! When I consider the true condition of our economy and the conspiracy theories about FEMA camps and army brigades being trained for mass refugees, riots and civil unrest...It truly gives more credence to these stories.

Is There Any Plan That Will Work? No!

What scenario do you think could pull us out of this mess? I studied finance in college and talk to my CPA and his words to me are "buy metals, food, water, and guns, the only thing left is to default". Folks, there is no way out. Defaulting on our debt will only take care of the $15 trillion in T-Bonds, and will send the markets in to chaos as well as destroy our ability to borrow from the world. Worse yet who is left for the government to steal from? They can raid our 401k's as they did in South America, but this will just buy time as China comes over to collect their debt. What are we going to do, ask China for a loan to finance a war against them? We are so insolvent, there are no cuts that could make us solvent again. This is why Obama is spending money like a drunken sailor. He and all of Washington know this story and they are feverishly spending us into bankruptcy because they are in a panic and don't know what else to do. So the knee-jerk reaction in Washington is to spend spend spend. Even if they were to take all of our 401K funds and replace them with treasury bills, deny the elderly baby-boomers of all medical care, cut the government by 50%, and tax everyone making over $100,000 100% we still can't dig our way out and this would amount to a complete shut down of our economy and the country would look like a shanty town. They know this truth and are acting like condemned prisoners eating their last feast. The politicians can't cut the budget enough to make a dent in the national debt, nor can they stimulate the economy so we can grow out of this. This is why they are all living with their heads in the sand, they have done the math and know there is no way out, yet they cannot face the music. There isn't one thing any political party or person can do to dig us out so they are taking their piece of the pie. It reminds me of a pack of wolves devouring the carcass of an moose.

Even if the government taxed every single person 100%, the wages in this nation wouldn't get us out of this mess, and of course that would lead to anarchy. Unfortunately Benjamin Franklin was asked by a woman 'What are you giving us?' He replied 'Freedom, if you can handle it.' And we couldn't, all this mess coincidentally happened when we threw God out of the public square. Many of our Founding Fathers said that democracy is for a religious people. Many of you young people won't understand how Christian our nation was up to the 1960's.

The responsibility of freedom is too easy to abuse and use it for sordid gain and greed. This applies to liberal and conservative! I think the politicians in power that understand the dire condition of our failed country are merely gang-raping what is left by using the money they are printing and borrowing to pay off constituents and building a nest egg of their own for safe keeping after it all comes tumbling down. Take a look at the debt clock, this thing is spinning like a slot machine.

What if we just cut off the Medicare or Social Security recipients, wouldn't we then be able to balance the budget and pay off the debt? Remember we have to have a surplus of $3.3 trillion a year for 50 years. Based on the federal government's track record, do you think they have this discipline? Secondly this would only shut down the economy because of the strain of those 55 years and older not receiving an income or health care; not only is this similar to Hitler emptying the hospitals and asylums, it will cause civil unrest. Take a look at Greece, or look no further than asking Union members in Wisconsin to pay a little for their health care. And you think the feds. will cut off the elderly and baby-boomers and get away with it? Not on your life. By the way, this is for the union thugs: Stalin and Hitler, a Marxist and Socialist used the unions until they seized control. The Progressives will use the unions as their useful idiots until they assume complete control and then throw you thugs under the bus! For the liberals, if you think that socialism is the way out, no communism or socialism will simply take all of your rights away and further destroy the economy just as it has done in Europe and Greece. Forget growing out of this mess, we cannot grow and achieve a $3.3 trillion surplus; and sustain it for any amount of time.

Will the United States Go Bankrupt? You do the math and even cut my numbers by 35% and you will see that we still cannot dig ourselves out of this mess. This is when it becomes biblical; the Book of Revelation tells us that a leader will rise up and pull the world out of its crisis. Then after 3.5 years he will demand worship and issue everyone a mark on their right hand or forehead (The mark of the Beast). Revelation says that without this mark, nobody will be able to buy, trade or sell so we know it is some sort of microchip or bar-code embedded under the skin, or it could refer to a cashless society which the right hand and forehead signify a credit card or having this private code in your memory. None the less after the 3.5 years all hell will break loose and the beast will put the world through great tribulation, and those that fail to worship him will be beheaded (Revelation 20:4). Sounds like the M.O. of Islam doesn't it? Revelation says that men will kill millions in the name of God (Could this god be Allah?).

At the end of the plagues and horror of these last 3.5 years all the armies of the earth will rise up to destroy Israel; at this time Christ will return and destroy the Beast, and judge the nations. Those who are not His children will be cast into the Lake of Fire, and His children who have been born again and walking by the Spirit in holiness will reign with Christ for 1,000 years. God the Father will then destroy the world and create a new world where the Christians will live forever in the presence of God.

There is no way out of this mess! Do the math, consider eternity and place your faith in Jesus so that you will be spared from this tribulation and have eternal life. Repent, believe, be baptized and live holy!

I challenge anyone to comment on this post and present a way out of this crisis. If one is put forth...lets send it to Washington! I think I should have named this post "The rise and fall of the United States".

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