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"You are no longer under law but grace; therefore, sin shall not have dominion over you" "The grace of God has appreared teaching men to say no to sin"


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Video - Preaching on Campus

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Just a typical day at the office. A student took this video and did a better job than I could have done! (the video below is a bit more civil in discussing godless communism). Unfortunately it isn't one of my more eloquent discourses on the foolishness of atheism, or the consequences that entire societies will suffer when a nation turns its back on God; or even explaining how homosexuality violates Natural Law and Natural Selection. Not to mention that evolutionary theory would drive out the homosexuals from the face of the earth due to their inability to reproduce (survival of the fittest)...but this shows the intolerance of the so-called tolerant open-minded liberal godless mindset of the next generation. Most of the hecklers at ASU are shameless and boast in their masturbating (even the women brag about having sex in the rectum). I will sometime meet them at their level and tell the bragging masturbator to go get the real thing...I once had a professor scream at me because he was a religious studies professor raised in the Pentecostal church and he thought that saying masturbating is a sin was "hate speech"...I told you even the church is reprobate and usually tags along with society just a few steps behind. Most Evangelicals will cower and accept homosexuality, and take the mark of the beast if it happens in our lifetime.

Below - University of Arizona May 1st 2013

Much of my preaching today was on economic issues and how the Christians influenced free enterprise and because of this; God blessed America and thus the US became a light to the world...but today we have run out of the blessings of our forefathers and God's protection is no longer on our country as it once was. For three years the students were very engaged in discussing economics and politics but these issues are no longer relevant since the "horse is out of the barn" and there ain't no getting him back in. The socialists have won and taken over the country and economy and all that is left is to pluck as many brands from the fires of hell as possible. This has always been the goal of preaching but I am convinced that no movement can return the US to her glory days. Our founding fathers said that once sodomy takes root in a society it cannot be eradicated  God knew this as well as He destroyed cities and societies for these sins of sodomy and infanticide.

Preaching on campus November 20 2013, teaching the students on the logical impossibility of a universe without God. We had a crowd of about 250 all afternoon and it got quite rowdy. One student tried to run off with our banner and as usual the moslim men were treating my wife like dirt.

April 23 2014 our last day on campus and I was discussing Kant's moral imperative with respect to how Kant kicked God out of the front door by his inability to prove God with epistemic certainty (Kant should have known better being a mathematician that the only truths that are certain are analytical or mathematical truths) but ran around the back and let God back in with his "Moral Argument" and his acknowledging the universality of the moral imperative that all men have a consciousness and we MUST live as there is a God. Then this student came out from nowhere and sounding very deranged said "You hate me" and I asked why? and you can see the rest on video. But physical attacks on Christians are becoming commonplace in that preaching the Word of God is going to be considered hate speech and illegal soon. Just as screaming fire in a crowded theater.

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