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Don't Believe The September Unemployment Numbers

The Obama Administration is Lying About The Numbers - Do The Math

The September 2012 Unemployment Numbers Are Patently Wrong and Misleading

During the first week of October immediately following the Romney and Obama debate, Obama's government figures (Of which two of the chief economists are major donors to his campaign) claim the unemployment rate fell from 8.1% to 7.8% by adding 115,000 jobs in September.

The September Unemployment Numbers Would Have To Reflect A Growth of 846,000 Jobs to fall to 7.8%

In August 2012 there were reportedly 23 million unemployed persons representing an unemployment rate of 8.1%. 23 million represents 8.2% of a labor pool of 281 million people; and a .3% drop in the ostensible drop in unemployment would be the labor pool of 282,000,000 x .003 = 846,000 jobs created. But the administration claims it achieved a drop of .3% with only 115,000 jobs.

Do you see how this voodoo math doesn't add up? Is this the administration that you want running your country? This is the same president who ran off to a campaign fundraiser the day after out Ambassador was brutally sodomized and murdered in the far east. Unfortunately if Obama were a Republican the press would have been all over these patently false unemployment numbers, they would have been screaming about his absence from the Egyptian crisis, and his going on the View rather than meeting with Netanyahu.

September Unemployment of 23 million Drops By .3% NOT Total Unemployment

The Emperor has no clothes. In short .3% of 23 million unemployed people is 92,000 jobs; but .3% of the total labor pool is still 846,000 jobs. Every ten basis points (one tenth of a percent usually describe as the number behind the decimal in a percentage) is 282,000 jobs, for a reduction of 30 basis points requires 846,000 jobs to be created vs 115,000 jobs. So if we were to say that the 23 million dropped by .3% we would get closer to the 115,000 jobs but this is NOT a drop IN total unemployment (labor pool in the US) and really an exercise of slight of hand. Hopefully folks like Lauara Ingrams Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh will pick up on this legerdemain and expose it for what it is. 

Obama has been suppressing the vote for over a year with his dirty Chicago politics

Obama has been framing Mitt Romney as an evil corporate raider who lies on his taxes and wants to give perks to millionaires. He claims Romney is out of touch with middle America. What about the Obamas?

Obama who is suppressing the vote is himself out of touch with middle America

The proof that Obama is suppressing the vote is in the first debate which was watched by 75 million Americans. In this debate, these people saw the real Mitt Romney and not the one that has been portrayed by the nasty dirty Chicago politics of the Obama campaign. After one debate, Mitt Romney has moved ahead and past Obama in the polls. This shows that when America sees the two candidates and jets to juxtapose their positions through few filters, they want Romney, not Obama. Secondly Obama has painted Romney as an out of touch millionaire. What about the Obamas? Do you remember how they came out in 2008 saying "we're just like you". These Obamas have been weened on the bottle of Rev. Wright and other Marxists alike. In Dreams of my Father Obama says that he gravitated toward the Marxists professors in college, he hung around with Bill Ayers the terrorist from the Weathermen. Obama is an Ivy League attorney who we know nothing about because his school records have been sealed. He probably was financed as a foreign student by some Palestinian group. Obama's net worth is about 15 trillion dollars and never worked a day in his life. So how is Mitt Romney who worked hard for all that he has any less in touch with we Americans than Obama?

I say Obama has suppressed the voted and continues to lie through his press which is in his hip-pocket

The real Barack Obama was on stage last Wednesday with the real Mitt Romney; regardless of what spin they put on this. I told my wife right after the debate that the new attack line will be "Romney Lied". Folks don't let the phony propaganda of the Obama campaign suppress your vote. Our economy is bad and when you have leaky pipes you don't call an electrician, you call a plumber. Well our economy calls for a business expert, not a hollow politician. On a side note in order for unemployment to drop from 8.2% to 7.8% would require that we add 1.1 million jobs in September, some how by adding 100,000 jobs the Obama campaign cooked the books.

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