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Obama Care Will Raise Middle Class Taxes

Government Healthcare Will Raise Middle Class Taxes

Corporations and businesses don't pay taxes, they pass them through to the consumer. Corporations and businesses are not charities, they are financed by investors and owners who need to make a living just like you and I. If you are a student, understand that every asset that you own was made available to you because there was a profit to be earned by the manufacturer. Psychology and economics tells us that profit is a strong motivator; in fact the US economy is so large an engine because of the unbridled ability to make profits and supply the basic needs for the investors and business owners in their pursuit of happiness. Additionally the US economy has been a blessing to the world, if our economy goes goes the world. Your pursuit of happiness which manifests itself in your attending college is only made possible by other's pursuit of profit. Everything in your dormitory and classroom was produced because of the profit potential. Free markets or the exchange of goods and services is only possible in an open economy. In fact socialism and fascism are economic models that are parasitic on open markets and once all the free markets are gone; so goes the world. In short businesses forced to either pay the policy premium for their employees or penalty will have to pass this along to the consumer in the form of higher prices and fewer jobs. There are no free lunches, somebody has to bear the burden of this entitlement program and it will be the consumer. This cost burden is "technically" not a tax, call it what you want - we the middle class are paying extra for government healthcare.

Don't be fooled, a government cannot absorb the costs of socialized medicine anymore than a business, in fact it will cost much more, don't believe me...look at the post office!

Canada is now paying top dollar for medical doctors; they have found that their socialized medicine had drove all the doctors out of Canada and they cannot meet the medical needs of the citizenry. So now Canada is paying more for doctors than they can earn in the US and up goes the cost of "free medicine" which will be absorbed by the citizen. The utopia that the liberals promise you can not be sustained because it requires hard working people to take a risk for virtually no return. If you think this is possible, all you need to do is study the Soviet Union, or look to Greece and Spain to see how these socialist utopias will never work.

Conservatives have been shouting from the rooftops for years that when the government burdens businesses with taxes and regulations, these costs will have to be passed along to the consumer in the form of higher prices. Government healthcare is not free, let the reader understand that there are "no free lunches" (economics 101).

Businesses Don't Pay Taxes People Pay Taxes

Denny's and Papa John's Pizza have just announced, price increases and layoffs to cover the cost of government healthcare. Denny's is doing what most conservatives predicted and is not offering healthcare to their employees because of the cost, but will be paying the fines, and cutting everyone back to hours below the "full-time" threshold. This was all too predictable because there is no such thing as FREE Healthcare. Papa John's Pizza also announced price increases and layoff to follow as well. This will be the trend of all businesses because there is not enough profit margins to pay for the government mandated Obamacare. This was predictable because businesses don't have profit margins that can bear the cost of government healthcare so passing the cost through to the consumer is the only option aside from closing the business.

Businesses Should Show Tax as Separate Line Item

Just as the utility companies show the Internet tax and other state and federal taxes (which represent up to 30% of the bill) businesses should do the same. Allow the blame to go where it deserves. If not we run the risk of another riot such as the looting homeless bums of the Occupy Walls Street movement (financed by George Sorros et. al.). The scenario for the future will be this - if business doesn't show the government healthcare burden as an explicit tax on every receipt: The liberals who want an entire government take over will agitate the Occupy Wall Street paid protesters to start rioting against businesses (They have already tried to rally boycotts against Papa John's so the writing is on the wall), this will in turn create such havoc that the government will be forced to take over certain market segments of the economy by creating price ceilings or penalizing businesses for certain economic actions. This will cause businesses to shut down or mandate such regulation of the businesses that we will no longer be an economy of free enterprise but rather a command economy.

However if business stick together and do as the utilities do, they will show the consumer on every invoice and receipt that the cost of goods and services includes a hefty healthcare tax. See Obama can say that middle class taxes won't go up, but this is slight of hand because if the government imposes a 20% tax on business which is passed through to the consumer, then Obama in essences has increased taxes on the middle class. A rose is a rose by any other name! I hope businesses will all begin to perspicuously show the amount of the total invoice, receipt or bill that the consumer is paying because of healthcare. 

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