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Boycott Dicks Sporting Goods

Boycott Dick's Sporting Goods for being pressured into not selling guns by the liberals

Well it is time for all good men and women to come to the aid of the Constitution. Dick's Sporting Goods has acquiesced to the anti gun liberal pressure and now, we the sportsman of America have to boycott Dick's Sporting Goods for this. If we don't stand up to the left wing pressure then this country will soon become a police-state. Dick's has stopped selling certain types of guns which is just the beginning of the end; they have demonstrated to the liberals that a little pressure from the left will work. The issue here is that as each weak-link gives into the left it will snowball into an all out ban on gun sales and guns. Have you ever heard the adage those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it? Look at every police state in the past such as the Nazis and the Communists in Russia, they first took the guns, and then every other right which led to a totalitarian government. Though today's liberal might deny that they are Marxists  a rose is a rose by any other name - and we need to stop it while there is a small window of opportunity to do so.

Now it is time for a lot of pressure from the Right - Boycott Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's is going to cave to the easiest and they decided that the left wingers are louder than the right so they will dump on us. Well we need to call for a national boycott of Dick's Sporting Goods to show them what real pressure is. They don't realize that their biggest customer is the hunter and sportsman who is not ant-gun; none the less they figured we wouldn't make any noise. Well it is time to wake up sportsman and hunters and send Dick's an email, even if you bought some goods for Christmas from them - return the merchandise and make a statement.

If we don't flex our muscle now, all retailer will take the path of least resistance and side with those who make the loudest noise. Please pass this article along and let your friends know that our second amendment rights are going to be taken away albeit incrementally but very swiftly.
Boycott Dicks Sporting Goods

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