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The Newtown Shooting

The Newtown Shooting and Hollywood Violence Promoted by Liberals

Hollywood is Responsible for the The Newtown Shooting

Has anyone seen the actors and actresses that made the anti-gun commercial? Has anyone seen the violent movies these same fools starred in? I have never seen such hypocrites! The media is making a circus out of this tragedy, the left is using it to disarm the US, why does the left hate guns so much? I have a liberal acquaintance who couldn't wait to email me Monday saying "Well Mr. NRA what do you think of assault weapons now?" I responded with "Well Mr liberal guns don't kill people do". See the liberal doesn't even know why he hates guns so much; but if he really examined his heart he would see his hatred is rooted in guns representing freedom, and god fearing people. Just like Obama equates conservatives as "those who cling to their guns and bibles...". Does anyone know what the "elephant in the room is?" Kicking God out of the public square and conscience of society has lead to the godless, sinful lifestyle that knows no moral bounds. Once an absolute right and wrong are taken out of society, once people no longer live as though they will have to give an account at their judgment; this is what happens. And it is only going to get worse. More gun laws will not stop the downward spiral of this nation, there where fewer laws on the books 50 years ago and we never saw this violence. Even the criminal element of society in the years prior to the 1960's feared God and were not nearly as vile as society is today. When a society finds it acceptable that men should sodomize other men, and allow them matrimony - this society has passed the point of no return. Just as God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah the same is happening to the US.

The Newtown Shooting - Used By Liberals To Create A Police State

The fact be known, half the murders in the US are not committed with guns. Secondly we have had less gun control over the past 100 years and never had this level of violence so are gun laws the logical issue here? No it is the breakdown of the family (divorce), and the promoting of violence on TV and video games by the liberal bastards in Hollywood. Imagine a young mind that is still growing,the synapses are still developing in the brain; and the top TV show is all about killing zombies? How can someone not make the connection of GIGO (garbage in garbage out), the young person's world view is being framed with violence and the brain doesn't know the difference between empirical reality and fantasy, yet people are training their brains to increase the serotonin levels when stimulated by violence.

Doesn't anyone know that those who disregard history are doomed to repeat it? Every police state such as Russia, Nazi Germany, and the communist countries; the first thing they do is disarm the citizenry. Yet we have a constitutional duty to bear arms so we can rise up against a despotic government (as set forth in the Declaration of Independence). We also have the right to protect ourselves with firearms.

The real tragedy is that millions of children a year a murdered by the abortion mills and not one liberal weeps for these children who are ripped from the protection of their mother's womb only to be dismembered. This is why I believe that the grief over this tragedy is insincere and selfish. Insincere because they don't bat an eyelash over the abortions and greedy because they fear that their happiness is in danger if one of their little ones should get caught in a similar massacre. What a country, we allow men to sodomize each other and dare call pedophilia a crime, we mourn over 23 kids and don't even think twice about the millions being murdered each year. If you Mr. Liberal were really concerned about the safety of children you would outlaw abortion and call for a prohibition on alcohol. But the liberal mind is not rational so this I am afraid is asking too much.

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