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Trans-Gender Confusion Brainwashing

The Homosexual Community is Using Pavlov's Techniques to Brainwash the Youth

I was on the campus of ASU in November and there were bathroom that a group of students "high-jacked" and made these transgender bathrooms. I went in to use the facility and a woman followed me in, my wife went in and a man followed her in. They had a booth set up outside the bathrooms taking surveys afterwards. Obviously this didn't bother me nor taunt me because it seems to follow the direction of society and I have written off our society as Dr. Dobson had said "We have lost the culture" and my goal is to pluck as many brands from the destiny of hell than to change society. Yes I believe in political activism but now I need to turn my guns on converting individuals to Christ and worry less about the electing of Christians to public office. Do  you college students want to be used as pawns or dogs in a gay activist scheme? I would think that you are free thinkers and in college to expand your horizons and not have some group surreptitiously indoctrinate you and tell you what to believe and what not to believe?

The Part of Pavlov's Story Most Have Never Heard

We have all heard about his ringing the bell and training the dogs to salivate when they heard the bell because they associated the bell with food. Pavlov also conducted another experiment where he drew a perfect circle and conditioned the dog to jump to the right when he saw the circle; when the dog learned to jump to the right when he saw the circle he was rewarded with a treat. Next Pavlov drew an oval (quite distinct from the circle) and when the dog saw the oval drawn on the ground, he would be conditioned to jump to the left. The dog then received his treat.The third phase of this experiment is the what is frighteningly true of the gay and lesbian community tactics that they are using successfully on college campuses today.

Pavlov's Dogs - And the Transgender Tactics of Brainwashing Our Youth

So phase three Pavlov starts to draw the circle with some minor elliptical changes and the dogs do their best to discern to jump to the right, but then as Pavlov successively changes the circle to more of an oval (but he gets to a point where the dogs cannot discriminate between an oval and a circle) they go mad.

This is what the transgender community is doing to the youth today. They have slowly confused the gender identification between a man and woman; ever so slowly that the young people cannot discern the concepts between being a male and being a female. They don't know the difference between a circle and an oval (metaphorically speaking). With the press and other media and peer pressure that they face most young people today have now accepted a third gender; and this is so sad. Most young people whether they be Christians or unbelievers - their parents have abdicated their responsibilities of teaching their children right from wrong. Even to the point of the differences between male and female and there being nothing in between. And now we campus preachers have to become surrogate parents and teach such things as basic taxonomy and moral issues that most of us would take for granted. I suppose this makes it easier to preach because God has not abandoned mankind yet and still left us with a conscience. And the reason we get such large crowds is because that quiet little voice in the conscience of the student is nagging at them and they want to hear someone who can confirm what their conscience is telling them with conviction. As Jed would say "They want a good spanking with the Bible". By the way I get more grief from the so-called Christians on campus than from the sinners so even the Christians have lost the ability to discern between an oval and a circle.

Thank God He Didn't Leave Us Without Consciences

Romans 1 and 2 tells us that God has revealed Himself through nature and through the conscience that He has put in all men and women. Even Kant who denied that there was any fool-proof argument for the existence of God (kicked him out the front door but let Him in through the kitchen door with his Moral Argument). Kant said that we cannot deny the universal phenomenon that all men and woman have a conscience, a sense of "oughtness" a moral imperative. And we all have a knowledge of right from wrong; now the atheist would like to say that these consciences are a product of social norms imposed on us from the Victorian age and the Puritans but we all know that is a bunch of BS and nobody can run from the guilt and their conscience they live with daily.

But the problem set before us is rather a huge problem because we are not merely a post-modern America but on the verge of Barbarism where we live by the law of the jungle where *might makes right*. We saw this in Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia, and now in the US where we kill more babies than Hitler and Stalin combined. Kant understood that if there is not an objective morality that we live by, than we have no law but mere suggestions. This by the way is my argument when the Calvinist tells me that we are no longer under God's moral law - I respond that a law without penalty is no law at all and if a city can't have laws with no consequence, how can God have a universe without governing it with a moral law that has no longer any consequences?

But Kant knew that if we have value and are to have a civilization we need an objective law, and for this we need an objective judge who can't be found in this life so there must be an after life. And if this judge is to be just He must be omniscient, and if He is to enforce His objective morality He must be omnipotent, and therefore; if we are to have a society and preserve western civilization we need to live as if there is a god.

Today the atheist still wants to be valued and have laws, so they are taking our capital while trying to kick God out of the equation. But this doesn't work and the atheist has to retreat to "law by convention", relative morality, or what is agreed upon by those in power and again we are back to Barbarism and tyranny.

So What is the Answer - To The Brainwashing of America

Right now the state of the world with the exception of the moslim countries, every man is doing what is right in his own eyes. Americans are a sleep with apathy and really don't love their neighbor any longer, we have lost the sense of community and have abandoned objective morality (until someone steals from us). I think we need to preach more and force the student to think of the consequences of relative morality, challenge them to live one day without the laws of logic in their world and ask them if they are really living according to the indoctrination of society or are they still listening to the conscience that is within them?

I plan to preach this week and finish my sermon of the necessary being who is the God of the bible and then challenge them with the transgender brainwashing and how every man living according to what is right in his own eyes will ultimately turn on them and lead to a world that is worse than prison life. Paul preached the Teleological Argument because the Holy Spirit knows all men and what they cannot deny. I like this argument and even The skeptic David Hume could not deny the design of the universe and that this design implied a personal agent with free will. When we stand strong and preach a God who does have a moral law which carries its consequences, and this God is undeniable through His being revealed in nature, conscience, and logic. Maybe we can get these students to stand up to the brain washing and take back their minds before it is too late. Most of us know that we draw crowds on campus because these young people want a rebuke because their consciences tell them that there is an absolute right and wrong - they just want someone who can overcome their objections and stand up for these simple truths.

But I have to give the Homos credit in that they have taken Pavlov's circles and ovals and have used this tactic to win the hearts and minds of the young. Without any moral guidance at home or in church (which runs from these issues that might scare away the tithers); these young fertile college minds who will be running the country in the next decade are easy marks.

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