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Huckabee is Pro Gay Marriage

Mike Huckabee is For Gay Marriage
Mike Huckabee was at the Value Voters Summit in April 2015 and was asked "Would you attend a gay wedding" Huckabee said "Well everyone knows gay employees and has gay friends, yes I would attend but wouldn't support the marriage" Folks that's like saying I will have sex but won't enjoy it. or Ordering the hit but not pulling the trigger. Or being half pregnant. Let's face it, Huckabee gave into the pressure of politics over his biblical convictions. Or maybe he is one of those preachers by vocation due to his oratory skills but was never a true convert to Christianity? I have heard of scores of preachers that are not saved but have gone to seminary and know the bible and theology, nice guys but not true believers.

Attending a wedding is tacit approval of that union. Attending a gay wedding is tacit approval to that union or the lack of guts to not attend. Attending a gay wedding is akin to a Black-Mass and makes a mockery of one of the first institutions or sacraments that God gave to man. I am a theologian and philosopher and under stand context and nuance better than anyone and Huckabee just endorsed gay marriage with his statement. Worse off is what this statement will do to the minds of younger less mature Christians? What he has done was give the green light to other pastors to semi-promote gay marriage and if we remember what Jesus said "The one who defiles the minds of the children (young Christians), it be better if he had never been born".

Here is the facebook message I sent to the Governor, Gov. Huckabee; attending a gay wedding under any circumstances is an abomination. You didn't quite thread the needle on this one and would have been better off standing on principle as did Santorum. Do you know how many pastors and young Christians you defiled with your tacit acceptance of gay marriage? Your answer was akin to "sort of being pregnant"; everyone got your message loud and clear. You accept gay marriage but are sheepish about how to deliver the message. This has already hit the blogs.

God bless Rick Santorum for being the only Republican candidate to say he would not attend a gay wedding. Rick had the guts to say the right thing when it wasn't popular. Rick God bless you, doing the right thing, speaking truth is never popular, just ask Jesus and the twelve. Conviction is doing the right thing when the winds are blowing contrary to your position. All I can say is Huckabee, you're up there in years and your day of judgment is drawing near. If I were you I would recant your position and worry about what God thinks of your views versus the electorate.

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