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Judge Not Lest You Be Judged

Judge Lest You Be Judged | Relative Truth
Relative morality and truth is an untenable position; yet this is the most common view among all people. It is untenable because truth demands that something be absolute or necessary, whereas relative morality implies that all issues of morality and truth be relative. The concept of relative truth is a necessarily false proposition and internally inconsistent. If morality is relative; then what gives anyone the right to judge what we believe and preach? How can anyone justify any position on what they believe to be truth? Why should they impose their standards of conduct and morals on us or anyone? We are constantly rebuked on campus, continually judged, and then these same hypocrites will tell us not to judge. If there isn't one standard of good and evil; then who is to say what is good and what is evil? There is no evil in a relativistic society nor is there a "problem of evil" because what is right in one man's eyes may be wrong in another man's eyes. Additionally truth is not a matter of majority wins or what a culture determines to be true. If this were so, then we had no right to condemn the Nazi's for killing the Jews...They as a society determined what was right and wrong. Blacks were legitimately considered non-persons in a morally relativistic society...By the way; our redefining a baby as a fetus and then slaughtering 53 million is much worse than the Holocaust and blacks being enslaved. If God doesn't judge the United States, He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology!

The naturalist and atheist ground their morality (along with knowledge, reason and everything else) in convention. Convention is merely the agreement among a group of individuals which ultimately leads to "those who have the power make the rules". Right and wrong being considered conventional will destroy a civilizationThe epitome of this has been demonstrated in the godless societies of Nazi Germany where they murdered 20 million people who didn't agree with their values; Lenin's Russia where they murdered 100 million, Mao's China where they murdered 80 million for the benefit of the state... Everyone has a moral code, no one or any society is a-moral; it's just a matter of whose morality will be imposed on you. The concept of morality is not as relative as people would like to think, proven by every civilization having a moral code. Humans are free moral agents. All humans without exception agree to morality so in this sense morality is not relative or elective. By our design we cannot live without laws of morality, we don't willy-nilly decide to impose moral laws on ourselves as many would believe.

Let's use a simple example to show how relative truth is logically self-contradictory. Let's assume it is Saturday afternoon: Person A says it is Saturday and person B standing next to person A says it is not Saturday. This is the same as saying that a proposition and it's negation are both true - which is a logical absurdity. Yet under relative truth, each man is entitled to claim the truthfulness of his proposition. Do you see how a society or better yet the world could not progress under this system? No different with the way God governs His universe either.

We believe in judging; everyone judges, it's just a matter of judging with righteousness and truth or judging with hypocrisy. It is the hypocrite that Jesus rebuked for judging, not the righteous person. We judge people and their behavior by an absolute standard given to us by the Supreme Judge of the universe. When Jesus said in Matthew 7:1 "Judge not lest you be judged...", this was not a universal admonition against judging, but a warning about judging with hypocrisy. Jesus commands us to judge, but judge with righteousness - John 7:24. Commonsense tells us that we cannot get through life without making judgment calls about a person's character and the words they speak. Judge for yourselves what you are being taught by the government employees (you call them professors). Are they educating you about life, reality, and the world, or are they mere liberal academics that are indoctrinating you into the herd mentality of liberalism and socialism.

We are to judge, we all judge and cannot make it through life without judging the behavior of those of whom we care to associate with. Would any of you befriend a known murderer or rapist? Of course not - you would judge him or her and decide not to become friends (I hope). But Jesus commands us to judge with righteousness, (for reasons other than gossip and character assassination). Your parents loved you students very much, and as children they would have to make judgments about what movies to allow you to see, what friends you could associate with, they taught you the difference between right and wrong...all for your own good. Your parents had to judge scores of people for your edification; we too are declaring God's standards of conduct and forcing you to consider your behavior and conduct relative to His requirements. Most of you are judging yourselves against God's standards and don't like what your consciences are telling you. Like your parents this is for your own good and is what Jesus would call righteous judgment. The fruit of this conviction will hopefully lead to repentance and the salvation of your souls. There is an absolute right and wrong and it is determined by the moral law of God and men intuitively know this law and this God. God has made Himself evident to man through nature's design and made Himself evident "in" all men. Even the judges at the Nuremberg trials based their rulings on the higher intuitive law that is evident to all men. Solomon tells us "this is the sum of life: fear God and keep His commandments for God will bring all things good and bad into account..." Judgment is not good or bad it is merely the way in which we measure the the variance of things from the standard or benchmark; in this case God's moral law. Like it or not we will all stand before God and our good deeds and bad deeds will be judged (along with our thoughts).

The doctrine of "judge not" is logically untenable and is as foolish as relative truth, morality...Though all truth and knowledge be circular because of the limits of human reason; I believe the Christian circle of knowledge to be the best, fairest systems of morality among all religions.

What did Jesus say about judgment? In Mathew He said "before you judge first pull the log out of your eye before removing the splinter from your neighbors eye", In other words - He was speaking against the hypocrite not judging. Jesus also said in John that we are to judge but judge according to righteousness and not appearance. Jesus also said in John 9:39 "..for judgment I came into this world...". And Paul wrote the Corinthians telling them that he had already judged the young man who was sleeping with his father and that this man was to be turned over to Satan for the destruction of his flesh so that his soul may be saved.

We need to judge, we all make judgments, you are judging the article as you read it, but we need one standard of judgment and I believe the bible provides the best standard.

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