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The Communist Manifesto

The Communist Manifesto and its Origins
I never thought in my wildest dreams that when I decided to preach the gospel on campus, defending capitalism would be the hot button issue. I get more crowds from wearing a T-shirt "God is a Capitalist" than any other issues. Even on this simple blog, this article gets the most visits, as if there is a strange and seductive attraction to the communist movement in America. What has happened to the young people who are going to school on parents salaries derived from capitalism? They enjoy the schools, businesses and institutions of capitalism, only to attack it and bight the very hand that feeds them! Let us discuss Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Castro, et. al..

The Communist Manifesto's Origin

Marx was recruited by the Communist League (small group of communists in Europe) to summarize their beliefs. Marx a Jew himself, hated Jews as well as all religions; and his philosophy made Hitler look like an Altar Boy. Castro and Ernesto "Che" Guevara in Cuba killed more Cubans (per capita) who didn't agree with their politics than Hitler and Stalin combined - yet the young people of today think Guevara is a cool dude. Guevara taught that "man has to muster up as much hate as he can to smash the skulls of the imperialist Americans." 

Actually Marx and Hitler had much in common. They both promoted a "Nanny State" where the state would pay for education from "cradle to career" (Obama's recent statement), both hated the Jews (Them Jews won't let me get near the president [sic], said Obama's mentor Rev. Wright), both wanted control over industry, both jailed and executed political prisoners and both believed that their systems required world domination. In fact it is patently evident that Obama is an anti-Semite Muslim noted by his religion and hostility toward Israel, and his mocking of Christianity. Remember Hitler was part of the National Socialist Party. The only real political differences were that Hitler was a bit more of a nationalist while Marx sought world conquest - a union without borders (another quote from Obama in his view that a nation is not defined by borders). The communist battle cry is "Workers of the world unite". Marxist philosophy was responsible for many more murders than Hitler's Germany. Lenin coined the phrase "Useful Idiot" and both Marxism and Nazism will use big labor as their useful idiots; however, once the goal of communism has been accomplished - the unions will be done away as Stalin and Hitler did. The unions are nothing but a group of blue collar uneducated fools who will fall for anything. Their "Bosses" live better than the evil capitalists in their Bloomfield Hills mansions, and take advantage of these useful idiots to incite riots and agitate racial issues. They too will have their day of reckoning when the roll is called up yonder at communist headquarters and the thought police have no need for their impact on labor decisions. Obama and his liberals are using the same tactics as the communists with regard to class warfare and racism. This is how the Chinese "Culture revolution" took place, the communists brainwashed the people into thinking that working hard and making money was morally wrong, and in doing so the populous would attack the wealthy, parade them down the streets, throw food and rocks at them; and then imprison them. Sort of what we are seeing take place here in the U.S.

What The Communist Manifesto Entails

Marx said the very purpose of communism was to: Destroy capitalism and dethrone God. Marx knew that the Christian teachings which American capitalism was built on was a bulwark against his godless Utopian Society. Marx also taught that Socialism is a temporary transition to Communism. We have seen that the Socialists in Europe have miserably failed because Socialism cannot survive. The rights and capital of a nation belong to the people or the State will steal these from them in totality; but a socialist government cannot progress. Under communism the government was supposed to dissipate after the people took control, increased their wealth and lived happily ever after. Again look no further than the Soviet Union, communist China, North Korea, Cuba and the other miserable failures. Read my short article on applied socialism and you will see why socialism will never work. Look at the aforesaid nations and study the tyranny, murders and failed economies. Yet I hear time and time again, that "next time we will do it right"! Don't you know this is what they always say, they said this during the Russian revolution and the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

One of the major differences between capitalism and communism is: under communism - you exist for the state, under capitalism - the state exists for you. Capitalism is merely a form of government that allows the individual to acquire capital such as land, real estate and personal property. As you read the communist manifesto you will see that under communism you are not allowed to own any personal property, you cannot even own your own thoughts because communism, is a totalitarian government that does not allow freedom of speech. We see this creeping into our own country in the form of "hate crimes" laws against mentioning God in public schools, soon we will not be able to preach from the bible against homosexuality as is the law in Canada - even in a private church.

Christians are not the only ones to fear; the thought policeObama's socialized medicine. Students understand this is code for "If you are of no value to the state - you will be denied health care and left to die". This will be in full bloom when you college students reach this age in your mid 50's. Surprise surprise - you thought the Progressives (Marxists) were all about the people! Wrong, Marxism is about the state and collective good (whatever that means?) and as an individual your life is more worthless than the eggs of a Spotted Owl. Communists have always taken advantage of the young idealist minds that haven't lived long enough to understand the value of freedom and personal liberties.

They know that you are at a time of your lives whereby you are takers and not givers so all these ideas of "share the wealth" sound good. Do you think the Kennedys, the Obamas, the Sorros', the Clintons, the Pelosi's, the Charlie Wrangles of the world would allow their millions to be redistributed for your good? Not a chance! Again greed isn't intrinsic to capitalism. In fact it is the elite that fostered and financed the Russian revolution - they were sort of playing Monopoly with real lives and look at the outcome?

Christianity promotes the best for the good of all yet these acts of charity are to be done as acts of free will and not under compulsion of the state. Christianity has a utilitarian goal of the common good for all society while still respecting the individual. Communism takes from the individual and redistributes assets under compulsion as the government sees fit. When is the last time that a communist nation has made any contributions to the world as a whole with regards to wonder-drugs, food sources, charity, inventions, electronics, technology? Even the ostensible super-power China doesn't have any innovation of their own but they steal it, they ignore international copyright, and cannot succeed in the development of their own technology because their political philosophy has "locked" the minds of the people. It seems en vogue for the young people to hate capitalism today, we see this on the campuses; yet the blessings they enjoy are a direct result of a capitalistic society. These students remind me of the proverbial fool out on a limb sawing off the branch between himself and the tree (the tree being capitalism). The United States out gives all other nations combined when it comes to helping the rest of the world when disaster strikes - yet this is all possible because capitalists were free to take a risk, start businesses and create wealth; and give from their abundance. I never in my wildest dreams thought that my wearing a "God is a Capitalist" tee shirt would be more provoking than declaring God's moral law.

Let's look at some facts for the benefit of those with the "entitlement mentality"; under communism it is estimated that 100 million people were murdered by the Soviet Union, 90 million in Mao's China, 3 million in North Korea, 4 million in Cambodia, 20 million in Cuba - all in the name of atheism. Even indexed for time, these figures out number all of the wars in the history of the world at least 20 times.

When we consider the wealth of the nations and their contributions to the world; no single nation possesses the wealth nor have they given so much to the world in financial aid and innovation than the Christian borne capitalist system of the United States.

In fact if you consider the non-Christian nations and compare them to the United States; it is easy to understand the Psalm "Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD". Yet America is running thin on God's blessings and protection. Her immorality mirrors that of post-Christian Europe and Sodom and Gomorrah.

If we don't see revival soon, I am afraid that there is no hope for the US. Godless capitalism is not the answer and does nothing but promote greed and sin. Greed is not unique to capitalism and occurs under communism and socialism as well - just look at the socialist George Sorros; this man is any thing but a philanthropist. Worse than greed comes loss of freedom and murder with communism; people have no value except what they can offer the state (under communism). This is why Marx and Hitler clung to Darwin's theory of evolution and other atheist philosophers; because they could justify the wholesale murder of those who opposed them. DON'T THINK THE THOUGHT POLICE THAT ARE TYPICAL OF EVERY COMMUNIST OR COMMAND ECONOMY WON'T COME AFTER YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN.

If you young people don't stand up you will get exactly what you deserve - a life span of 55, dentistry as they have in Europe, family members arrested for speaking against the state, you won't even be able to pick your own career. The state will determine the quota of accountants, nurses and laborers that are needed to run their machine - this is a command economy and it has been pushed down your throats by your liberal professors who are so stupid...they teach you the the rectum is a sex organ, capitalism is evil, an unborn child is of less value than an endangered species... These are the flunkies who couldn't make it in the real world so they decided to teach school at the government university and indoctrinate you with their hatred, borne in jealousy. I know, I debate them on campus and quite frankly they are the one's that lose their composure over my discussions on capitalism, and then start cussing me out. These are the liberal fools who resort to name calling because they cannot win an argument with a campus preacher. My most recent heckler was a philosophy professor who came back five times and still couldn't win a debate with me over my epistemic justification for the bible and several times called me a f*&%er. And another one was calling my preaching "hate speech" because I said that the bible teaches masturbation is a sin. He yelled at the top of his lungs that he masturbates daily... These are the useful idiots of liberalism. What are you "takers" going to do when there is nobody left to take from? Socialism cannot last but a decade or two before there is nobody left to steal from then they will turn on you. Your taxes will approach 95% and you will be stuck living in a government apartment, given a ration card, and live like the welfare bums of today. This is the best case scenario - but as college students I don't expect you to be able to see beyond your nose or next exam, but there will be a day in the coming years where you will have to support yourself and with the government regulations and taxes, you will be back on the government plantation or as Joe Biden (the idiot in the White House would say) They all gonna put you back in chains - mofos. Stupid idiots you morons are digging your own graves, you have sold your birth-right for a few extra bucks to get through college.

Below is the Communist Manifesto with stars indication how far the US has come from her capitalist roots. If you don't get radical about keeping what rights you have left and stand up for the constitution - you're toast!

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  1. Very good commentary on the state of communism today.