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The 6 Days of Creation

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Proof of a literal 6 day creation. The teaching that creation in Genesis is speaking of years instead of days is a Fundamentalist fallacy. “A day is like 1,000 years to the Lord”. This is the fallacy of “wooden literalism” and is contextually incorrect. The verse in Peter “A day is like 1,000 years to the Lord…” is addressing God’s long suffering and patience and not the spatial temporal aspects of creation or even how God relates to time!

Secondly God did have light before the third day; we don’t know its source, maybe it was a star or group of stars that He had not yet “flung” out into space at speeds greater than light speed today (I emphasize today because light speed being constant is not a necessary truth). There is actually much evidence to show that the speed of light is not constant; God could have also “Stretched out the universe” beginning at earth, in a day or so to give Adam a fully functioning universe with star light at speeds much greater than light without violating any laws of logic or physics. Remember the laws of physics are contingent and merely report what we observe and don’t dictate how the universe operates; otherwise stated – these laws are descriptive versus prescriptive.

Thirdly if God could create this magnificent complex universe; why couldn’t He do it in 6 days? God the great communicator could have used other several other terms to convey to Moses that creation was a long period if indeed it was era versus days. Why would God who is not the Author of Confusion use the term days in stead of "periods of time greater than all the sand on the seashore"? 

Finally the long period interpretation of Genesis is riddled with problems because we would have to imply that Adam was alone for thousands of years before Eve was created. Our eco-system is extremely complex and interdependent on plant life, animals of the sea, air and earth; we would have to believe that the eco-system was grossly incomplete for thousands of years. How can this be explained?

This approach to creation creates scores of other problems that must be addressed and is harder to defend than the classic Genesis account of a 6 day creation. The reason Christians have accepted this old earth theory is because the have compromised their faith with the atheist theories of evolution. There are no hard facts to support an "old earth theory".
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