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Gender Confusion | Atheism Taken to Its Logical Conclusion

The gay agenda has an element of gender confusion by which the activists and proponents of this agenda are attempting to remove any distinctions between the sexes. We have seen this time and time again with attempts to add “gender options" of “other” to college applications, and redefine the gender issues to “sexual identity” issues. This is even done in science – most notably in physics where by the concept of quantum distinctions is now rejected. This blurring of distinctions in nature is all part of a larger agenda viz. the atheist agenda; atheism taken to its logical conclusion demands that there be no distinctions or design in nature and all the distinctions and design we intuitively observe is an illusion and our imposing our design on brute facts or imposing our taxonomy on nature. Read about the techniques they are using to brainwash the public to accept transgender perversion.

For centuries these distinctions in nature between elements, atoms, protons, species known as Natural Kinds have been intuitively accepted by philosophers and scientists alike, until the gay movement picked up political steam and influence. Additionally the understanding that the logical consequences of denying a god demands the denial of Natural Kinds because these Natural Kinds go against evolution and strictly imply a creator and designer. Natural Kinds is a term used to describe distinct particles, elements species, etc. that exist in nature and are not subject to man's imposing his taxonomy on brute matter. Quantum distinctions is the realist position that man can know the world as it really is for the most part, and that the distinctions that we observe between species and genders (to mention a few) are not imposed by man through taxonomy but are real distinctions in nature. Again if these distinctions exist in nature than there has to be a creator who created elements such as gold and silver as well as all the other elements on the periodic table. But the atheist will tell you that ultimately these elements are no different from one another except for their categorical qualities such as their shapes and atomic structure. But these physicists don't know this, they haven't even seen an atom let alone do they know how the elements of the world are bonded by sub-atomic matter. I have long said that a physicist is nothing more than a philosopher with a slide rule.

So the denial of quantum distinctions disregards “Natural Kinds” as matter being made up of different and distinct particles in reality and writes these distinctions off as illusions. Google quantum distinctions and see how many posts are written against this classic concept.

But one of the quagmires the scientist runs into is that he is a realist in that he is involved in the investigation of empirical matters; he believes that what we observe truly exists as we perceive it in the extended world. This realist position would state that a proton is not an electron or a neutron, and by logical necessity must behave according to its identity. These behaviors result in the laws of nature that we observe. Furthermore these laws are necessary because (logically speaking) the world is what it is and cannot have been any different or else it violates the basic law of identity. So how can a scientist empirically deny distinctions in nature and simply write them off as "conventions of men"? This dismissal of Natural Kinds diminishes science down to mere philosophy and discredits all scientific discovery and only adds more questions such as the causal relations between these particles and why certain particles have essential properties that "appear" to distinguish them from others? If the differences between gold and silver are illusions, then the scientists that hold to these views are not consistent with a realist worldview but rather a phenomenalist view of the world which is contrary to science as we understand it.

Now in all fairness, much of this belief is grounded in transcendental beliefs that are not subject to verification, however it is these beliefs that determine the direction a physicist and scientist will peruse a path of scientific theories. Secondly to deny distinctions in nature is counter intuitive and runs against reason and creates a host of its own problems in science and physics. All scientists regardless of their views on this issue have their presuppositions about reality, existence, matter, man, God... and nobody can observe the brute facts of the world apart from their conceptual framework and worldviews. So as the classic scientist would attest to Natural Kinds, and the modern scientist would deny these, each does so based solely on his transcendent views and presuppositions. Science is not the grounding fact but rather metaphysics.

Those who appose quantum distinctions simply say that all matter is the same and it's particles are not distinct from each other - only to the extent that by random organization and in some cases our taxonomy; the arrangement of atoms gives us an "illusion" of distinctions in matter. This is the very heart of secular humanism which is the leading religious belief of our universities and society viz. that man is just another animal and no different from any other animal or element in the universe; therefore, trees and animals have as much moral right to live as do humans. Think of the faith it takes to believe that the complex human body evolved by nothing from nothing, now throw into your thinking all of the elements of the universe and how random acts had to create every single element, atom, proton, electron...frankly I don't have the faith to believe this theory. I have trouble conceiving how a complex single celled organism with its "micro-factory" evolved from nothing let alone the aforesaid items.

The self evident and intuitive belief that man is well above the animal kingdom and is a rational being is reinforced through these self evident distinctions and of course the belief that God created man in His image. This would also account for the great successes of science, morality, and blessings that the Judeo

Why shouldn’t transsexuals and homosexuals be seen as normal since there aren’t any gender distinctions in their worldview? The problem with this view is that it ultimately leads to man’s self annihilation and extermination. Man intuitively understands these distinctions in nature but society denies them, man then has to violate his conscience in order to go along and survive in his culture yet he knows in his heart of hearts that what he is forced to comply with is not truth. As with communism and socialism, man will become a slave to the strongest government with the most military might. This belief fueled Hitler and Stalin in their slaughter of the lame, elderly, and mentally ill. Eventually with this belief system in place the greatest atrocities can occur in a society without the blink of an eye. When societies live according to falsehoods rather than truth; it is just a matter of time before they collapse. Don't believe me? Look at communist Russia, Cuba and every other atheist country and compare its achievements to the Judeo-Christian West. I would forecast that the lies that so-called science is built on today will send us back into the dark ages.

Aristotle was among the first to identify Natural Kinds through his observations of nature and the vast differences between species, and all items that are extended in space. To deny the ontological differences is to invite destruction upon ones self and society. Generally the reason people hold to this position of denying quantum distinctions is because they are logically obligated to if their atheist views are to be consistent. For if Natural Kinds exist, if there are true ontological differences between matter, particles, and items in the extended universe, then there must be a creator responsible for this order. So in a sense this is a patently evident example of the atheist community cutting off their noses just to spite their faces.

The destruction of distinctions in nature, especially the sexes are as essential to the new-world-order as was evolution essential to communism and Hitler's Germany. Once man is reduced to another animal, barbarism rules. What happens when you eliminate all distinctions in nature? You destroy all reason and commonsense and then rebuild minds and society according to the dictates of those in power. Nothing new we see this done with all Tyrannical governments. 

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