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Are People Born Gay: Genetic or Environmental

Exodus International Protest
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Are people born gay? First I would like to say to the homosexual who claims to be born gay, and then calls me homophobic - quit judging me! If people are born homosexual than I was born a homophobe! We love homosexuals like any other non-Christian and wish for them to repent from their sin and get saved, their sin will send them to hell just like any other sin committed by a heterosexual - we don't just pick on homosexuals. This "Gay" issue was never a question with the American Medical Association until the homosexual movement picked up a head of steam and began to pressure everyone from politicians to professional organizations. Let me start by first stating that with all science, there are no such things as "brute facts". Every scientist either excludes or includes evidence based on his or her presuppositions and worldviews. This is especially true with the most controversial studies such as genetic homosexuality which are funded to prove a theory and are not so much an empirical investigation. The studies are biased and will not consider factors that may disprove the theory; researchers will usually exclude facts that point to homosexuality as an environmental issue versus genetic issue.

As a caveat- there is NO empirical proof that people are born gay or "transsexual"! There is absolutely no evidence that this behavior can be attributed to an innate chemical imbalance or issue with the material or genetic make up of the body. The latest research or rather stretch has to do with the size differences between the hypothalamus' of heterosexuals and homosexuals. Consider for a moment the thousands of possible reasons why the hypothalamus will vary in size from person to person. Does every single person have the exact same sized organs; of course not! Secondly "if" it were ever possible to prove that homosexuals have smaller hypothalamus' than heterosexuals, how could it be proven that the homosexual life-style is not the cause for the size differences?

Homosexuals don't make an overt decision to be attracted to the same sex; however, this attraction is the result of many decisions and environmental factors that happened to the person early in life. Studies show that 0ver 45% of all homosexuals were sexually abused as children - could it be that maybe this individual found the experience pleasurable and believes that he or she is gay? Other issues that may effect this condition are the relationship between the child and his or her parents; not having a bonding relationship with mother or father; as a result and a deep hurt and anger, the child rebels against the parent and this subconscious decision results in a gay lifestyle. We also see that certain behaviors change the brain chemistry.  Over-eating changes the structure of the neuro-transmitters, the use of alcohol and drugs, repeated behavior that brings pleasure effects the brains ability to produce dopamine...Studies have even shown that a fetus subjected to stress can actually change the genes and make this child susceptible to anxiety and depression, this also implies that a fetus in the womb can also begin to react to stressors that will make this child lean towards attraction to the same sex or opposite sex. I know that I had grew up in a very dysfunctional family but bonded very well with my father and honored my mother - I came out straight. Sometimes a child can be molested by someone of the same sex, enjoy it and then believe that they are gay. But the pleasure of sexual stimulation in this case is incorrectly being taken as that person being gay.

Certain behaviors can be associated with chemical imbalances; we see this with issues of depression and mania; however, these chemical imbalances can be the result of environmental factors and stressors that effect the constitution of the brain and cannot be proved to be hereditary; ultimately every person's behavior will be subject to their free will and decisions that they make. If this were not so, an all-knowing God could not fairly judge anyone by their behavior - yet we know that He will ultimately judge all men for every thought, word, and deed that proceeds from the heart of men. If man is subjugated to his chemical make-up, he is nothing more than a puppet on a string or brute animal.

If you believe in evolution and the survival of the fittest; doesn’t a group of people that do not have the ability to reproduce go against the theory of evolution? Wouldn’t natural selection drive this group out of existence? Shouldn’t scientists be studying why this group has thwarted the evolutionary process instead of trying to find reasons to call it normal?

It has been long believe that alcoholism is hereditary because of the incidents of alcoholics that are born to alcoholic parents; frankly the statistics are quite accurate. A child born in a family with one alcoholic parent has a better than 50% chance of becoming an alcoholic; and a child born to two alcoholics about 85% chance.

These numbers are accurate enough to have most social scientists believing that there is a genetic element involved with alcoholism and that it is actually a disease instead aberrant behavior.

If that be the case, what about spousal abusers? Do you know that a boy who is raised in a home where the father beats the mother has a 90% chance of growing up to be a spousal abuser? Did you also know that young boys that are molested have a 95% change of becoming molesters when they grow up?

Are you prepared to consider spousal abusers and child abusers genetic or call it a disease? Every alcoholic will tell you that they felt the proclivity for alcohol abuse as far back as they can remember.

The homosexual agenda is so well funded they will find some study that might take a few cadavers that were straight that have a larger hypothalamus than the gay cadavers and then spuriously conclude that homosexuality is genetic. I have seen this done too often in the natural foods and vitamin industries. Ginseng was an Asian root that was used in Asian medicine and religion because the root looked like a man and was therefore considered a root for longevity of life. Take a western marketing firm, find a research company; pay them $500,000 to conduct a study to prove the medical benefits of this root – bingo you have it!

Actually there is a group Exodus International that claims to have a rate of better than 80% for taking people caught in the gay lifestyle and bringing them back to a heterosexual lifestyle. Exodus believes that a homosexual doesn’t make overt choices to become attracted to the same sex; however, through many situations throughout life, the way this individual deals with trauma, abuse, neglect, bonding with their parents, their decisions ultimately lead to a homosexual lifestyle. I acknowledge that many homosexuals have tried to get out of the lifestyle – but could not of their own strength. The chances of an alcoholic ever fully repenting from his sin is about 5%, yet thousands beat these odds. This is where Christ comes in.  But why are is the homosexual community so hostile towards Exodus Intl.?

The people at Exodus have a knotty ball of twine to untangle but they have been successful. But with introspection, and the grace of God which instructs us to say no to sin, people can come out of this lifestyle. Unfortunately, the gay agenda will do nearly everything to quiet groups like Exodus. The bible is clear in several places but most explicitly in Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, chapter 6, and verse 9: “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate(transsexuals), nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor drunkards, nor the covetous, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God”. The bible also warns us in Romans 1:32 that those who give approval to the sinful lifestyles listed in the bible are guilty along with those who commit these acts as well.

Again, as you will note on this website: we do not "pick on gays" we live by God's standards; and if God says that oral sex between Christians is a sin, we are against it. If God says masturbation is a sin, we are against it. If God says beating up gays is a sin, we are against it, if God says lying is a sin, we are against it. And we are entitled to our views; the spirit of liberalism would demand that we have the right to express our views - not impose them on people but proclaim them; and that is what we do as campus preachers.

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